Namgoong Min’s “One Dollar Lawyer”: The social corruption drama comes to an end

“One Dollar Lawyer” has aired its finale. 

In episode 12, the last episode of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, which was broadcast on November 11th, the social corruption drama’s ending surrounding the characters Cheon Ji Hoon (Namgoong Min), Baek Ma Ri (Kim Ji Eun), and Seo Min Hyuk (Choi Dae Hoon) was revealed. 

Cheon Ji Hoon declared in front of reporters that he would destroy the corruption, saying, “Those who have committed crimes due to temptation should be severely punished,” and struggled to catch the villain, even risking his life.

Thanks to Cheon Ji Hoon’s hard work, the 100-day special prosecutor’s investigation against JK Group was successfully completed.

“One Dollar Lawyer” was previously embroiled in rumors of a feud between the production company Studio S and the drama’s writer. With frequent cancellations of broadcasts and ending earlier than originally planned, the drama left viewers with a subtle sense of regret and discomfort.

Nevertheless, Namgoong Min’s unchanging good performance, top-notch presence, and the genre’s strange tension still managed to keep viewers interested until the last episode. 

Source: daum

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