IU, “My dad doesn’t often compliment me but he said he cried watching my concert”

Famous idol-actress IU revealed her father’s reaction to her concert.

On November 11th, a video titled “I hope you remember this moment as the brightest momentㅣ THE GOLDEN HOUR’ Behind Ep.2” was published on the official channel of singer and actress IU

In the video, IU can be seen talking about her recent concert, “The Golden Hour” and saying, “I read some reviews. A lot of reviews said they loved it. Everyone who was there loved it.”

Then, she added, “My dad… My dad is really unrewarding. (But) he called me early this morning and told me that he cried at the concert.”


In addition, IU was delighted to find the flower basket that Cho Yong Pil sent to celebrate the 14th anniversary of her debut, saying, “My mom would love this. I’ll have to show it to my mom later.”

She then sent a video message to Cho Yong Pil, saying, “Hello sir, this is IU. I never actually had a chance to introduce myself to you in person. Can’t believe (I) received congratulations from a legend like you. You are the best entertainer to my family. This is so touching and it’ll have more significance to it. I’m sure the chances that you’ll watch this would be very low but thank you very much. I’ll do my best.


Next, IU talked about the reviews of her concert. “I think people were more impressed by the opening than I imagined, I read a lot of reviews that said they teared up at that part”, she said, adding that the opening was a spontaneous decision to sing without music, and that she was proud to read that the impact was huge. 

As she read further reviews of her concert, IU concluded, “A lot of it talked about my hair and makeup. They could see the drones from Ttukseom. I was also proud to read that a lot of it said the sound was great. I think there were only good reviews.”

IU concert

Finally, after finishing the concert, IU expressed that she was actually very nervous, but everything went well.  She also added, “It was a really memorable anniversary, I’ll never forget my 14th anniversary. To be honest, it was a concert that was more difficult to prepare than ever but everything was rewarded. I hope it was a time to perfectly make up for your 3 years of waiting. Thank you.”

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