Suzy’s beauty shines even in an unadorned and simple pictorial, leaving people amazes 

Singer and actress Suzy entrances netizens with her outstanding beauty.

On November 9th, fashion grand Guess released a new pictorial for their winter outerwear collection with Suzy as the model.

In the pictorial, Suzy can be seen making poses while wearing coats that are suitable for midwinter weather.

Despite light makeup and the lack of embellishment, Suzy’s outstanding beauty simply cannot be hidden, and aroused admiration from the viewers. 

The idol-actress also showed off the standard of winter styling by matching a luxurious fur-trimmed jumper with denim wide pants with a trendy fit or a long-length jumper with diamond quilting details and leather shorts.

In June, Suzy appeared in Coupang Play’s original drama “Anna” and delivered an astounding performance. Currently, she’s filming for the Netflix original drama “The Girl Downstairs”.

Source: Wikitree

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