BLACKPINK Rosé’s fans gathered together singing ‘On The Ground’ to show their support

BLACKPINK’s Rosé had a bunch of unforgettable experiences during Paris Fashion Week.

On September 28, BLACKPINK’s Rosé officially appeared at Paris Fashion Week. She impressed the press and fans with her charming, classy visual, and attractive aura.

At Paris Fashion Week, Rosé wore a mini black dress of the high-end brand YSL. Rosé’s look in a black dress with thin straps, showing off her flawless shoulders and sexy collarbone has made many people flutter and unable to stop admiring how beautiful she is.

Although she looked absolutely gorgeous in this elegant design, fans couldn’t help but worry about Rosé because the weather in Paris was very cold when it dropped to 14 degrees Celsius. The female idol’s nose also became red because of the cold.

blackpink rose

In particular, YSL’s show also took place in the middle of a huge windy square and lasted for 15-20 minutes, but including the time of taking photos at the backdrop and getting seated, it must have lasted for 1 to 2 hours.  However, Rosé still showed her professionalism when she did not act like she was cold. She continued to pose in front of the cameras like a pro, thereby attracting a lot of lenses of photographers and journalists. Fans had the opportunity to see many stunning moments of Rosé in Paris through these photos.

blackpink rose

Notably, there was a heartwarming source of strength that helped Rosé become so radiant at the Paris Fashion Week. 

To complement her efforts, fans decided to play her solo song “On The Ground” at the event and sing along loudly. This made Rosé smile with delight. Thanks to a large number of fans and their enthusiastic cheers, Rosé seemed to turn YSL’s fashion show into her own concert.

Seeing Rosé’s professionalism and fans’ adorable support for her, netizens left comments:

  • Rose was amazing yesterday. Her expression is top-notch, especially the eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. 
  • So proud of our girl. Although it was very cold, Rosé still showed off her attractive aura. She slays.
  • Like idols like fans, both are great.
  • Everyone has to admit that Rosé is only getting better
  • If I were there, I would also sing for Rosé 
  • As expected of the Global Ambassador’s class. She killed that dress despite the weather.
  • She’s so good at everything she does and makes everyone fall in love with her. She’s getting more beautiful and outstanding.
  • On The Ground the lyrics are also meaningful and suitable for this situation.

Source: K14

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