This “The Interest of Love” actor dropped out of language university to pursue acting

Here is the debut story of Jung Ga Ram, who recently appeared in the popular drama “The Interest of Love”.

Jung Ga Ram used to major in Indonesian-Malaysian Language at Busan University of Foreign Studies. However, he suddenly quitted to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Jung Ga-ram

Revealing his debut story, he said, “I listened to my parents’ words and went to the college they suggested but it didn’t suit me”, adding “Later, I found it fun taking pictures. I wanted to stand in front of the camera so I moved from Miryang to Seoul.”

After coming to Seoul, Jung Ga Raim re-entered college and began to do various part-time jobs, including at the cafe, convenience stores, fastfood restaurants, daily tasks, and even BBQ restaurants. He made his debut in 2011 with a minor role in MBC’s sitcom “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged”.

Jung Ga-ram

Later on, Jung Ga Ram made his face known to the public after portraying Lee Hye Young in Netflix’s webtoon-based drama “Love Alarm”. As a fan of the original webtoon, the actor once shared, “If it is made into a screen version, I want to play Hye Young”. His dream finally came true. Jung Ga Ram was cast for the character Hye Young in both Seasons 1 and 2 and gained huge love from viewers with his impressive performances.

Jung Ga-ram

Meanwhile, Jung Ga Ram, who once confessed that he always has to sleep with the scripts under his pillow the day before the shoot, recently completed JTBC’s Wed-Thu drama “The Interest of Love”. It was his return work after getting discharged from the military.

In “The Interest of Love”, which ended on February 9th, Jung Ga Ram takes on the role of Jung Jong Hyun. The actor delicately portrayed the process of his character going through emotional changes after facing the reality. 

Jung Ga-ram

Expressing his thoughts, Jung Ga Ram said, “Since it was my first acting project after fulfilling military service, I was more greedy. It’s my comeback work, but also a fresh start. I’ve been gathering lots of energy while training in the army, so I wanted to show the viewers that I’ve returned with a better appearance.”

The actor continued, “You may think it’s a sad character similar to my previous one. However, ‘The Interest of Love’ is more realistic so I could feel many things from it”. When asked about his dating style, Jung Ga Ram said, “I think I’m more like Jong Hyun at the beginning of the drama. His changed image in the second half is definitely not my style. It woud be a big problem”, drawing laughter.

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