Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings in March Announced

The Brand Reputation rankings of the entertainment programs in March have been announced and are drawing attention.

From the 5th of last month to the 5th of this month, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute collected 150,092,048 big data from entertainment program brands and analyzed consumers’ behavior.

According to the results of the analysis, “Kick A Goal” were named first in the March entertainment program brand reputation ranking, beating second-ranked “National Team” and third-ranked “Hangout with Yoo

Despite being embroiled in controversy over fabrication and being criticized a lot last year, “Kick A Goal” maintained their popularity of the program, resulting in the No. 1 entertainment brand reputation in March.

At the end of December last year, an article titled, “I’m back with evidence of fabrication on ‘Kick A Goal’”, was posted on the online community DC Inside’s Minor Gallery. As the article spread to other communities and SNS, the controversy grew, and the production team eventually acknowledged the fabrication and issued an official apology.

At that time, the production team said, “The editing order was different from the actual broadcast order. This was the result of our production team’s complacency”, adding, “Through this situation, we realized that sports’ authenticity is much more valuable than pursuing entertainment fun”, acknowledging all the suspicions of fabrication.

They then promised, “We will pay special attention to editing so that it won’t undermine the sincerity of the players, coaches, hosts and staff who have sweated and struggled to play the game. We will not let this situation happen again in the future”.

Overall, variety shows in the March Brand Reputation Rankings for entertainment programs are

“Kick A Goal”, “National Team”, “Hangout with Yoo”, “I Live Alone”, “Radio Star”, “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, “Running Man”, “My Little Old Boy”, “2 Days 1 Night”, “Sing the National Song”, “Sing Again”, “Knowing Bros”, “King of Mask Singer”, “Tuesday Night is the Best”, “I Am SOLO”, “Immortal Songs”, “Boss By Chance”, “The Return of Superman”, “My Dear Child”, “Omniscient Interfering View”, “TV Animal Farm”, “All Table Tennis!”, “Drinking Girls”, “Tasty Guys”, “Amazing Saturday”, “Steel Troops”, “Midnight Horror Story”, etc.

Meanwhile, the brand reputation index is the indicator created through brand big data analysis based on consumers’ online habits that have a great influence on brand consumption. The brand reputation index divides big data of consumers’ activities related to brands into participation value, communication value, social value, market value, and financial value.

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