What does ‘BLINK’ mean? Definition of ‘BLINK’ in KPOP

What does BLINK mean?

BLINK in English meaning is a wink or blink. But in KPOP’s language, BLINK is the name of the fandom of today’s most popular girl group – BLACKPINK. For Kpop fans, when it comes to BLINK, they all understand that they’re referring to BLACKPINK’s fans.


The birth and formation of BLINK

On January 14, 2017, the Instagram account of BLACKPINK suddenly posted a photo with a black background and a caption with the words “BLINK” in the middle. As soon as the announcement came out, many sensitive fans of BLACKPINK were able to “sniff” out that was a signal related to the fandom name, because Jennie had previously made a mention of naming for the fandom.


Finally, YG officially announced the word “BLINK”, the new name of BLACKPINK’s fandom, which made many fans of this idol group burst into happiness.

The reason why fandom is called “BLINK”, YG said that they took “BL” in Black and “INK” in “pink” to form Blink. So from now on, BLACKPINK’s fans can proudly introduce themselves: “Hello, I’m Blink, a fan of Black Pink” already!

Activities of BLINK

Like other group’s fandom, BLINK always supports their idol with great enthusiasm. No matter how popular the music charts or performances are, BLINK still contributes a large number of fans.

However, the overwhelming admiration of the BLINKs “doesn’t look good” to some other group’s fandom.

Specifically, a post in the closed community fan group of BLACKPINK has been revealed. In this post, it is possible to see fans of BLACKPINK who are on the edge of YouTube views to compare with BTS. BLINKs have compared MV ‘DNA’ and ‘DDU-DU-DDU-DU’ together and have bad comments about BTS.

Many “crazy” fans also have a gloating tone, looking down on BTS when many of the group’s records are surpassed by BLACKPINK. Maybe the fan’s celebration is not wrong, but don’t cross the line of humiliating the other group’s fandom.

Not only did they bash BTS, but BLINK also tried to compare the live singing skills of TWICE and their idols. If BLINK praises their idols to the cloud then they bash the live singing ability of the other groups with terrible and vulgar comments. And when comparing the vocal of the two groups, they always tend to praise Rose while saying bad things about Jihyo.

For this reason, when these articles are publicly revealed, the BLINKs of BLACKPINK are quickly caught up in the “battle” between BTS fandom and TWICE’s fandom.

But even though it is an expression of personal opinion, it is unacceptable to bash a rival group. No matter who it is, they don’t want their idol to be offended. Therefore, many times BLINK community has been subjected to many criticisms from the online community.


In addition, “fighting” with other fandoms, BLINK also has internal quarrels when BLINKs are divided into many supporters for each different member of BLACKPINK. The talents and beauty of girls are often compared by fans.

It seems that one of the reasons for BLINK’s internal chaos is that BLACKPINK is the only group in KPOP without a leader. The team leader is a very important and indispensable position in a group, who is a member of the group and helps the group become “one body” in the eyes of the fans. The result of the lack of leadership is that BLACKPINK lacks a connected person and the fans of each girl will always be against each other because everyone defaults to being the best.

“JISOO CHINA BAR” – a Chinese fanbase of Jisoo

The second reason is that all members of the BLACKPINK are bright and outstanding. Although all members of BLACKPINK have been framed in different locations such as Lisa is the main dancer, Jennie is the main rapper, Rosé is the vocal or Jisoo is visual but since all 4 girls are excellent, their own fans overwhelmed the others. Especially the battle between Lisa and Jennie, 2 members with the largest number of fans of the group.


The last reason for BLINK’s internal controversy is because YG is biased towards a member of the group. That’s the case with Jennie. Many of Rosé’s fans, Lisa and Jisoo still can’t forget the fact that YG gave Jennie an expensive item … 20 times the price of that of the three members of the group at the end of 2017 during a year-end awards ceremony. Or the division of their singing lines always allows Rosé and Jennie to sing more than Lisa and Jisoo, making Lisa and Jisoo fans extremely angry, “The problem is that they don’t sing badly, Lisa and Jisoo are equally good at singing and still being bashed even with fewer lines than the other two members. “

Perhaps the above reasons are enough to prove that instabilities exist within BLINK. But no matter how BLINK is, they always support their idol group BLACKPINK.


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