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‘2019 Idol Athletics Championship’ Lunar New Year broadcast with a big-scale line-up

MBC’s 2019 Athletics Championship in archery, rhythmic gymnastics, bowling between idols will be a worth-watching show this Lunar New Year for its top notch line-up: TWICE, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, iKON,…

The 2019 Idol Athletics Championship will be broadcast on MBC during the Lunar New Year holidays. Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Teuk and TWICE will work together in the upcoming event, while BJ Gamst and Seo Hyung-wook will participate in the new event as special commentators. They, along with MBC commentators, are planning to boost the fun of the penalty shoot-out with witty comments and extensive soccer knowledge.

Archery, the representative sport of the event, will feature the best idol group in Korea. Tzuyu of TWICE, whose “archery goddess visual” video once went viral, and Irene of Red Velvet, who recorded the so-called “perfect gold” by hitting the camera will compete in a fierce battle for the position of the goddess of archery in 2019. In addition, Gugudan, the gold medalist at the 2018 Chuseok Special broadcast, with GFriend’s rematch is also expected to be points to watch. The male idols’ department is also planning to launch a gold hunt by completing colorful lineup such as iKON, Seventeen, Monsta X and NCT 127.

Rhythmic gymnastics, which has always created a new star, is also notable. April Rachel and Alice Yu-kyung, who won gold medals in the previous championships, will compete as strong rivals and decide who is the best rhythmic gymnast. Also, as MOMOLAND and (G)I-DLE are also fiercely preparing, expectations are rising for who will emerge as the best rhythmic gymnast for the 2017 Lunar New Year’s Special broadcast.

Sources: naver

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