Netizens noticed a bug on Song Joong Ki’s shirt, but the truth is…

Is that a bug on Song Joong Ki’s white shirt? 

Netizens recently noticed a funny thing in a photo of Song Ki posted on his personal Instagram on May 31 of last year. The photo shows Song Joong Ki in a dashing suit, staring at the camera with a serious expression while sitting on a bench under a tangerine tree. 

But what caught netizens’ attention is that it looks like there was a bug on his shirt. However, the bug in question is actually part of the shirt’s design. 

song joong ki

Song Joong Ki was wearing a ‘Men’s Bee Embroidery Shirt’ from the luxury brand Dior that costs 850,000 won.  Dior also released a T-shirt with the same bee embroidery.

song joong ki

Netizens left comments on Song Joong Ki’s shirt: 

  • It’s Song Joong Ki who wore it, so it’s funny. But if it were me, I would be told to go wash it. 
  • If I wear it, it will look like a real bug
  • Why do they put the embroidery in that position? 

Source: wikitree

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