Haruto (TREASURE) is a successful fanboy as his idol BIGBANG come back right on his birthday

As BIGBANG returns with “Still Life” which takes over the internet by storm, not just V.I.P, many artists also excitingly shared the MV right after it was uploaded. 

As BIGBANG returns with Still Life” which takes over the internet by storm, not just V.I.P, many artists also excitingly shared the MV right after it was uploaded. Among them, Haruto – a rapper from TREASURE – is definitely the luckiest fanboy as his idols returns right on his birthday.


Haruto shared a screencap of him listening to “Still Life” along with the caption: “Thank you for the best birthday present ever…” on his personal page. Turns out April 5th is his birthday. This coincidence is even more interesting as Haruto and his whole family, especially his mom, are well known to be BIGBANG’s hardcore fans.


As his mom is a V.I.P (BIGBANG’s fandom name), Haruto’s childhood was not boring at all. Haruto has experienced countless chic and unique BIGBANG hairstyles thanks to his mom.

G-Dragon’s hairstyle which was once a hot trend.

At Haruto’s home, his mom even has a whole room to store BIGBANG’s goods. His family also never missed any BIGBANG’s concert in Japan.

Indeed a long-time fangirl, just look at her room of BIGBANG’s goods.
4 members of Watanabe Haruto family having fun at a BIGBANG’s concert.

As both his mom and dad are BIGBANG’s fans, Haruto was also a hardcore fanboy since he was little. According to Haruto, his parents are his motivation to audition into YG Entertainment.

In the reality show “YG Treasure Box”, Haruto‘s parents were even happier when they heard that their son had been accepted into the company. In the waiting room, Haruto’s mother burst into tears immediately when Seungri suddenly entered the room.

When she saw her idol at extremely close range, Haruto’s mother was so excited that she couldn’t hold back her tears of joy. Standing in front of the fangirl who was crying happily, Seungri was also very confused: “What’s wrong with you? I didn’t do anything!”.

Currently, Watanabe Haruto from Japan has gone from being a die-hard fan to becoming a junior of BIGBANG. Accordingly, TREASURE debuted in 2020 under YG Entertainment.

TREASURE is a junior of BIGBANG, BLACKPINK… is expected to achieve much success in the music market.

Haruto has had a large fanbase since before his debut. The male idol born in 2004 won the hearts of fans thanks to his very attractive masculine face. Possessing a high nose and an attractive smile, Haruto always makes fangirls fall in love every time they see him on stage and in real life.

The outstanding appearance of the 18-year-old male idol, Haruto.

Even though he has become a colleague in the same company as his idols, Haruto is still a hard fan of BIGBANG. It seems that Haruto and his mother always become the focus of attention from K-pop fans whenever BIGBANG prepares to make a comeback.

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