EXO Su Ho proved his status as a top K-POP star in Australia: “We’re kinda famous”

EXO Su Ho shows how he is still a top K-POP star.

Lee Kyu Hyung, Lee Sang Eun, Lee Yoo Young, Lim Ji Yeon, and EXO Su Ho spent a night at their accommodation on board in SBS’s “If I Go Once,” which aired on December 8th.

exo suho if i go just once

The owner couple of the cast’s accommodation said, “My daughter is a fan of EXO.” Su Ho, who introduced himself as EXO’s leader, said, “All the other cast members are famous actors too. We’re kinda famous.”

EXO Suho

In response, the couple jokingly said, “We are also famous. Then do you know who we are? As much as you don’t know us, we don’t know you.”

EXO Suho

Lim Ji Yeon then said to Su Ho, “Please show us a little bit,” suggesting he danced to “Growl” once. Su Ho followed her suggestion by performing the “Growl” choreography briefly.

Source: Newsen

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