Ahn Jae Hong’s Dedication to Bringing ‘Joo Oh Nam’ to Life in ‘Mask Girl’

“Reply 1988” star Ahn Jae Hong made an amazing comeback in ‘Mask Girl’

Actor Ahn Jae Hong is well-known for his role as Jung Bong in “Reply 1988,” and recently, he has been drawing attention once again with his portrayal of the otaku character Joo Oh Nam in “Mask Girl.”

ahn jae hong

Recently, Ahn Jae Hong shared the challenging makeup process he underwent to perfectly embody Joo Oh Nam. He said, “Every day on set, it takes me 2 hours to transform into Joo Oh Nam. Many people ask me if I had to shave my hair for the role. It’s all makeup, and in reality, my hair is very straight and thick. Despite gaining about 10 kilograms for the character, I still have to wear an additional layer of a ‘fake belly.’ It’s a bit sad that no one noticed this!”

ahn jae hong

Furthermore, the actor revealed that it was his own idea to add the Japanese line “Aishiteru!” (meaning “I love you!”) during the confession scene to Kim Mo Mi. This scene caused a buzz on various online platforms thanks to Ahn Jae Hong’s amazing acting skills.

Netizens were also highly surprised by the contrast between the actor’s real-life appearance and his character, continuously praising his ability to portray the character “as if stepping out of a webtoon.”

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