The story behind the creepy drama poster: “Is it indicating a bad ending for all of the characters?”

Let’s take a look through the TMI of the most famous dramas.

“Worlds Within” – When today’s biggest superstars are still unknown actors

In 2008, Oh Chang-seok, Kim Young-kwang, and Jung Seok-won, who were unknown at the time, appeared as the main actors of the drama which was being produced in the drama “Worlds Within.” In fact, they were completely unknown or in their first work at the time, but now, all of them have become actors with recognition in reality.

The story behind the creepy drama poster

 “High Kick Through the Roof” – The drama’s poster that had created many scary stories

When the poster was first released, all but Lee Soon-jae, Kim Ja-ok, Oh Hyun-kyung, and Jeong Bo-seok were processed in black and white, which led to rumors circulating that all but four of them were either ghosts or would die. Of all things, this interpretation was directly related to the controversial ending of the drama, causing more controversy.

As the drama broadcast its last episode, except for those processed in black and white, only the rest of the middle-aged characters had a happy ending. The other cast were rumored that they were supposed to be portrayed as such in the poster to indicate that they were destined to become unhappy. Due to this, the “High-kick’s poster ghost stories” became popular.

The story behind the creepy drama poster

However, in a special broadcast, the production team explained that the poster was only following a noir concept and had nothing to do with the rumor.

3. Dream High – The drama’s school uniform went viral because the drama was so famous.

After the end of “Dream High,” school uniforms similar to those of Girin Arts High School, an art high school in the series, appeared one after another. In fact, uniforms similar to those from “Dream High” appeared in several schools, including Seongseo Middle School, Cheonan Gaon Middle School, Incheon Choeun High School, Ilsan Daehwa High School, and Suncheon Bokseong High School, making headlines online.

The story behind the creepy drama poster

4. My Love From the Star – The story of how Jun Ji-hyun’s clothes led to the abolition of ActiveX in Korea

– As the drama became popular in China and other Asian countries, many foreign netizens wanted to purchase the coat of the main character Chun Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun). However, they could not purchase it while visiting Korean shopping mall websites.

The story behind the creepy drama poster

– The reason was none other than ActiveX, which was installed on all sites at the time. While IE (Internet Explorer) usage rate was high in Korea, ActiveX did not need to be installed overseas because of the low IE usage rate.

– Due to the growing public opinion on the abolition of ActiveX, the aftermath of the My Love From the Star incident led to negative perceptions about ActiveX. At the Blue House Regulatory Meeting in 2014, My Love From the Star was mentioned and discussions on the abolition of ActiveX continued.

5. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) –  What happened when an ex-star couple, who broke up, met as colleagues in a work?

Kim Bo-yeon and Jeon No-min developed into lovers after participating in MBC’s drama A Saint and a Witch together in 2003. They got married the following year, but eventually divorced and went their separate ways after 8 years of marriage.

The story behind the creepy drama poster

– 10 years later, the two reunited and acted together in TV Chosun’s drama <Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)>.

– After that, Kim Bo-yeon appeared on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” and mentioned an anecdote with Jeon No-min, “It had been about ten years since we last met. Since we were meeting again after we’d divorced, it felt a bit strange. But I felt that if I didn’t do anything, the production staff would feel more awkward around us, so I went up to him and asked how he’d been doing and asked after his daughter.”


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