The “jinx” that happened to many K-pop groups with 6 members (ft. GFRIEND, LE SSERAFIM, (G)-DLE…)

Below are 6-member groups that left great regret in K-pop fans because of their member changes and disbandment. 



Making their debut as the new girl group under HYBE Labels, LE SSERAFIM drew keen attention from the public. However, they have recently been surrounded by back-to-back controversies because of member Kim Garam.

Le Sserafim
Whether it’s official photos…LE SSERAFIM keeps making headlines due to Kim Garam’s scandal.

Kim Garam was accused of school bullying and causing great damage to many victims as well as teachers. As soon as the controversy broke out, netizens got frustrated and demanded Kim Garam’s withdrawal from the group. Facing the intensified criticism, HYBE still chose to stand up to Kim Ga-ram until the end. Until May 20th 2022, the company announced that Kim Garam would temporarily suspend her activities, while LE SSERAFIM continues to promote with the 5-member formation. 

Kim Ga-ram
HYBE recently announced Kim Garam’s activity suspension.


GFRIEND used to be one of the representative girl groups of K-pop’s 3rd generation. They were often praised for their synchronized choreographies and powerful vocals.

GFRIEND still carried out many activities right before their disbandment.

In May 2021, GFRIEND suddenly announced their disbandment after terminating their exclusive contract with Source Music. This news shocked not only fans but also netizens as they had just made a successful comeback with the song “MAGO”. Even the members expressed their regret knowing the group had to disband. GFRIEND’s sudden disbandment raised various suspicions and speculations, including the theory of GFRIEND being forced to disband by Source Music. 

GFRIEND’s disbandment was a huge loss to K-pop.


(G)I-DLE attracted keen attention ever since their debut. The girl group was combined with 6 members who are pretty and talented. The girl group from CUBE made a big hit with their debut song “LATATA”. Taking advantage of the influence, they continued to make successful comebacks with “HANN”, “Senorita”, “Oh My God”, etc.

(G)I-DLE was a 6-member girl group.

Member Soojin was considered a fan-attractor of the group. Not only owning an outstanding beauty, this female idol also has excellent performing skills. However, Soojin became the main reason why (G)I-DLE had a hard time in early 2021. She was revealed to have been a school bully in the past. As the scandal got more serious and netizens’ harsh criticism, CUBE eventually announced Soojin’s withdrawal from (G)I-DLE.

Soojin left the group because of her school bullying scandal.
(G)I-DLE continues to promote enthusiastically as a 5-member group.

Highlight (Beast)

Highlight debuted in 2009 with a 6-member lineup. Under the name BEAST, the group was known for many famous songs such as Shock, Fiction, On Rainy Days… However, despite the growing career, the 6-member lineup only lasted until 2016. All 5 members refused to renew their contract with CUBE Entertainment, only member Hyunseung stayed.

Highlight used to work with a 6-member lineup.

Not long after, the 5 boys set up their own company called Around Us Entertainment. They had to alter their name to Highlight due to a legal issue with CUBE. This has caused the group to return to the starting point and made it harder to maintain supporters.

However, difficulties once again hit Highlight as member Junhyung got into a scandal and had to leave the group. Currently, Highlight continues to work with a 4-member lineup.

The group is currently promoting with a 4-member lineup


Once a popular 2nd generation girl group, T-ara was famous for many hits such as Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Day By Day… After the controversy involving Hwayoung in 2012, the group had only 6 members left. However, in April 2017, Boram and Soyeon announced their departure from the group and did not renew their contracts with the company. A few months later, the remaining 4 members also left the company one by one due to a dispute with MBK Entertainment.

T-ara used to have a hard time working with a 6-member lineup.
T-ara finally chose to leave the company.

Sixmember Kpop groups appear to be unlucky. While some groups were embroiled in scandals, others had members who wanted to change careers, making it impossible for these groups to maintain their original lineups. This is still something that both fans and idols regret.

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