3 steps of Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk couple who fail to stay away from each other on “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”

Cable channel tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” unveiled the “3 Stages of Distance” of the relationship between Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk.

Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is a drama about the wandering days and growth of young people who lost their dreams in the 1998 era. The 8th episode surpassed a double-digit rating, breaking its own highest ratings again, ranking first in the same time slot for the 8th consecutive time since its first broadcast (cable, IPTV, satellite-integrated paid platform standard/provided by Nilson Korea) Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk ranked first and second in the TV drama topic category announced by TV topic analysis agency Good Data Corporation, taking the throne among overall entertainment programs for four consecutive weeks since its first broadcast.

Twenty five twenty one-Kim Tae-ri-Nam Joo-hyuk

Above all, the comforting and supportive youth story of Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), who are racing toward their dreams, is inducing full support and sympathy from the audiences watching from home. In this regard, three stages of the “Heedo-Yijin couple’s Relationship Distance Keyword” are revealed.

▲ Step 1 – Distance control: “I failed to control my distance with everyone I like.”

18-year-old aspiring fencing athlete Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), who started a part-time job to make a living, met for the first time in an accident that occurred while delivering newspapers, leading to a relationship between a regular customer at a book rental store and a part-timer. Upon hearing Baek Yi-jin‘s advice, Na Hee-do safely transferred to Taeyang High School, where her long-awaited fencing gold medalist Ko Yu-rim (Kim Ji-yeon) was studying at, but suffered from the cold atmosphere, while Baek Yi-jin suffered from the resentment of debtors who came to find his father. Na Hee-do comforted Baek Yi-jin‘s pain, saying, “Let’s be happy with just us two for a while, secretly,” and the two grew closer.

Twenty Five Twenty One

However, Na Hee-do wanted her pain, which was caused by Ko Yu-rim, to be comforted by Baek Yi-jin, but she was disappointed by Baek Yi-jin‘s hesitation and said, “I failed to control my distance with everyone I like,” expressing her regret. However, after Na Hee-do taught Baek Yi-jin, who failed the interview, how to overcome and transform the tragedy into a comedy, Baek Yi-jin was able to laugh and said to Na Hee-do, who was about to play the national team warm-up match, “You make others, not just you, grow besides you. My support is a compliment to you,” succeeded in controlling their distance.

▲ Stage 2 – Regardless of distance: “Wherever you are, I’ll make sure my support reaches you”

With Baek Yi-jin’s encouragement and support, Na Hee-do was selected for the national team then she ran to Baek Yi-jin first. However, the two parted ways as Baek Yi-jin silently moved to Pohang, where his mother lives, because his younger brother was in danger. Baek Yi-jin, who was struggling with the tough reality while being away from Na Hee-do, endured the hardship by listening to Na Hee-do’s voice message through his pager, saying, “Wherever you are, I’ll make sure my support reaches you”.

Twenty five twenty one-Kim Tae-ri-Nam Joo-hyuk

Na Hee-do put up with difficulties in her life at the athlete’s village thanks to the sword that has “National team member Na Hee-do” written on it by Baek Yi-jin and comforting words from Baek Yi-jin’s recordings when he was a member of Taeyang High School’s broadcasting club.

Seeing Na Hee-do winning the bronze medal on the TV, Baek Yi-jin smiled unknowingly. Na Hee-do shed tears when she heard Baek Yi-jin’s voice message, promising, “Wait for me, Hee-do”.

Twenty Five Twenty One

The stories of how the two overcame their own difficulties of reality with infinite support for each other despite being far away, healed the hearts of the viewers.

▲ Stage 3 – Close distance: “I was not jealous of you. I was angry because I felt I wouldn’t be good enough for you”

Na Hee-do, who became a member of the National fencing team, and Baek Yi-jin, who became a trainee reporter at UBS, had a dramatic reunion like fate. Na Hee-do, who was rescued by Baek Yi-jin while she was in a crisis, safely reached the Asian Games final. She then had a fierce match with Ko Yu-rim and eventually won the gold medal. However, controversy arose over the referee’s decision, and Na Hee-do, who was hurt by harsh words from her mother and the public, felt grateful to Baek Yi-jin as she was comforted by his interview with the referee of the final match.

Twenty Five Twenty One

However, while Na Hee-do was advised not to be close to a reporter, Baek Yi-jin was frustrated by his senior’s words saying, “Be neither intimate nor distant with the clergy. This is the principle of maintaining the distance between a reporter and the news sources”

Moreover, Na Hee-do noticed her strange feelings for Baek Yi-jin, who has been worried about her all the time and was concerned about Baek Yi-jin’s ex-girlfriend. Baek Yi-jin’s actions unintentionally raised unfamiliar feelings in her. 

Na Hee-do, who burst into anger at Baek Yi-jin’s prank, was upset by the clear distance between her and Baek Yi-jin. Meanwhile, Baek Yi-jin apologized for the prank but was confused thinking of Na Hee-do.

Twenty Five Twenty One

IN the meantime, Na Hee-do, who misunderstood Baek Yi-jin as her PC online best friend “Injeolmi”, confessed, “I have to have you”, arousing the viewer’s excitements and expectations for developments of the two’s future relationship.

The production company Hwa&Dam Pictures said, “The key point of ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’ is that the audiences get to see Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin’s process of growing up together and changes in their relationship”, adding, “Please watch and give warm support to Na Hee-do – Baek Yi-jin, ‘BaekDo’ Couple to see how they overcome more trials and setbacks in the future and narrow the distance between them”

The 9th episode of “Twenty-five Twenty-one” will air at 9:10 P.M on March 12th.

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