Red Velvet Yeri reprimanded a fan for insulting her hairstylist 

Yeri, a member of girl group Red Velvet, stepped up to defend a staff member when one fan went too far. 

After a long period of postponement, Red Velvet finally successfully held their “R to V” concert in Korea. As a result, footage of the concert has quickly gained attention across the net. 

However, upon seeing this footage, a fan left a rather insulting comment towards Red Velvet’s hairstylist under Yeri’s SNS update. Witnessing this, Yeri immediately defended her staff member.

Red Velvet Yeri
In particular, Yeri said, “I think you should be more gentle before you pass comment. Someone could be hurt. Thank you.”

Then, the female idol also responded to her own reply, saying, “Just in case this topic gets heated, I just wanted a bet of respect towards my staff members who worked day and night for me. I wish everyone the best and I hope that we all can find peace and love towards each other! I love yall!!”

It seems that the fan has listened to Yeri’s words and decided to take their harsh comment down afterwards. 

Meanwhile, the difference between Yeri’s appearance when she styled herself and when she got dressed by stylists became a hot topic among fans of Red Velvet. In particular, when dressed by stylists, Yeri’s hair and outfit looks cute and youthful.

On the other hand, Yeri’s own style is more fiery and cool, and the female idol’s “ending fairy” in this appearance has quickly gone viral on SNS. 

Yeri in her own style

Source: k14

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