Did Music Bank purposely prevent Taeyeon from getting a Triple Crown?

The result of 1st place at Music Bank between Taeyeon and Kim Wooseok is causing a stir in the online community.

On the afternoon of March 18, the weekly music show Music Bank officially ended with the No1 position belonging to Kim Wooseok with the song “Switch” – this is also the first victory of the former X1 member with this song. 

Kim Wooseok’s Switch defeated Taeyeon’s INVU on Music Bank

This result, however, is controversial. Most fans believe that Music Bank created a result that is dubious and unclear when compared to the program’s initial score criteria.What makes Kim Wooseok able to win is the Broadcast score (the point of promotion at the show plus the number of times the song is played on KBS channels).  The male singer achieved an extremely high score of nearly 5000, for this category.  This number is believed by fans to be scored not based on specific data.

The fact that 60% of the scoring criterion is Digital score – which is INVU’s strength but did not help Taeyeon get the first place of the week also makes many people wonder.

In particular, the song of the SNSD leader has a towering ranking on the charts, reaching #1 on Gaon for 4 consecutive weeks but only has a Digital score of 2576. This also makes fans extremely angry. Notably, INVU is also the first song in 2022 to achieve the Perfect All-kill certification. Meanwhile, ‘Switch’ has only 5 points in digital music.

Taeyeon’s excellent digital achievement with the song INVU

Moreover, the fact that Taeyeon’s INVU continuously achieved Triple Crown (#1 for 3 consecutive weeks) on other music shows but never won a trophy at Music Bank is also a question of many Kpop fans.  Did Music Bank purposely prevent Taeyeon from achieving this feat?

Taeyeon SNSD
Taeyeon continuously achieved Triple Crown on music shows from all stations, except for KBS’s Music Bank

Controversy is still ongoing, attracting the attention of Kpop fans.  Most fans believe that there should be transparency in the scoring method so as not to reduce the value of the trophy on music shows.

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