“I like it”, Kim Hee-chul responded coolly to the controversy over his personality raised by Junggigo

Singer Kim Hee-chul from group Super Junior reacted to the “personality controversy” created by Junggigo in a cool way.

On August 30th, Kim Hee-chul posted a photo on his Instagram story along with the caption “I like this personality controversy”.

Kim Hee-chul shared the Instagram Story posted earlier by Junggigo and added his own caption. Junggigo said, “My signature is being teased and humiliated. I want to raise controversy over Kim Hee-chul’s personality”. The released photo shows Kim Hee-chul filming a video of the signature left by Junggigo.

kim hee chul

In addition, Kim Hee-chul uploaded another photo with the hashtag #Sammuk. Kim Hee-chul’s complicated signature caught the eyes of fans. The fact that it looks completely different from the simple signature of Junggigo made netizens laugh.

The way Kim Hee-chul responded to the witty joke of “personality controversy” by Junggigo drew laughter from fans.

kim hee chul

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul is appearing on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” and KBS Joy’s “20th Century Hit Songs”.

Source: nate

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