The new K-drama of “Penthouse” star Han Ji Hyun received poor ratings but high praises 

Han Ji Hyun’s return after the major hit “Penthouse” is facing a slump in viewership ratings 

The mega hit K-drama “Penthouse”, which lasted for a whopping 3 seasons, managed to boost the popularity of many of its young stars. From little known names with mostly supporting characters, various “Penthouse” actors and actresses find themselves landing leading roles and in famous fashion magazines. However, it seems that this popularity may be struggling a bit after “Penthouse” ended, with Kim Young Dae facing low ratings for “Shooting Stars” and Choi Ye Bin making little impression in “It’s Beautiful Now”. And the trend seems to have continued with Han Ji Hyun’s new project – the SBS K-drama “Cheer Up”. 

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In particular, despite airing on a major broadcasting station, the pilot episode of “Cheer Up” only recorded a viewership of 2.3%. This number would then drop to 2.1% in episode 2 – much lower than its director competitor “The Law Cafe”, which boasted ratings around 6%. Many netizens believe that this is due to “Cheer Up” having no hugely popular name like Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young of “The Law Cafe”.

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Nevertheless, those who have been watching “Cheer Up” have high praises for Han Ji Hyun’s return. To them, the actress managed an excellent transformation, from an arrogant rich kid to a passionate and hardworking student who tries to maintain her positive energy despite having to face numerous hardships.

cheer up

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • There are only 2 episodes so far, but the chemistry between the characters is so nice to watch. I think things will get darker in the later half and can’t wait to see what will come in the future! 
  • The first episode really surpassed my expectations. I do wish they would quickly resolve the love triangle though
  • I love love love love the first episode! 
  • All of the cast members were excellent at acting! I can’t take my eyes off the screen at all. 
cheer up

On the other hand, “Room 27” follows Do Hae Yi – a student from Yeonhee University. As she’s born to a poor family, she focuses more on earning money than studying, but her life changed after she joined the 50-year-old cheerleader squad Teyia. Despite joining only for money, Do Hae Yi soon got to experience various funs in life as she interacted with fellow Teiya members, and there’s also a bloody mystery waiting to happen. 

Source: K14

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