SNSD Sooyoung Showed Herself As a BLACKPINK Stan!

Sooyoung (SNSD) did not hesitate to show her affection for BLACKPINK.

Referring to the most famous Kpop girl groups, SNSD is undoubtedly a legend of the 2nd generation, then as for the 3rd generation, the title “iconic girl group” definitely belongs to BLACKPINK. Both groups are considered the standard, the symbol of beauty and talent in Korea.

sooyoung blackpink
SNSD’s beauty and talent is likened to a Kpop legend, the symbol of a 2nd gen girl group
sooyoung blackpink
BLACKPINK is a global group representing 3rd generation idols

Recently, Sooyoung (SNSD) did not hesitate to express her love and admiration for BLACKPINK right in one of her personal videos. The interaction between two legend girl groups quickly gained great attention from netizens.

Accordingly, Sooyoung recently participated in the recording of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” so she also filmed a video of her preparation process. After finishing the makeup and waiting for the hairdo, Sooyoung shared that her MUA was once in charge of BLACKPINK’s makeup. After that, the idol also jokingly said, “Please, make me look like BLACKPINK”.

Sooyoung (SNSD) shows her love for BLACKPINK in a video posted on her personal YouTube channel

After the above clip was posted, BLINK and SONE were both excited by the passionate love between the two groups. This is not the first time Sooyoung has shown affection towards BLACKPINK. In 2018, Sooyoung once answered a Q&A on Instagram Story that BLACKPINK is a girl group that she likes very much and she also often listens to the group’s music. 

sooyoung blackpink

Furthermore, Sooyoung said that it had been a long time since she had done stage makeup. Because Sooyoung is used to delicate makeup, this seemingly regular makeup look appears strange in her eyes.

sooyoung blackpink
Sooyoung looked at herself in the camera and said “it looks scary”
sooyoung blackpink
sooyoung blackpink
It’s also because she hasn’t been on stage for 5 years and only uses light makeup in her daily life. But overall she’s still very pretty, right?

Source: K14

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