Sung Yu-ri made a frank statement in front of a divorced man with 2 children

Singer and actress Sung Yu-ri frankly expressed her position about divorced men.

In the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall”, which aired on Sep 26th, is the story of a Recall Man who married at the age of 25 and divorced four years later.

When I decided to give up on everything after my divorce, I happened to have a girlfriend,” said the Recall Man, who currently has two children (a first and a third grader). I was lucky to meet her and find my stability little by little.”

The MCs who heard this asked Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung, who appeared as a guest, “What would you do when you love a guy so much but he says he is a divorced man who has a child already?”

If I love someone that much, age doesn’t matter. If I can take care of the children, wouldn’t I be able to date him?” she replied.

On the other hand, Sung Yu-ri confessed, “To be honest, I think it would be okay for me if he is a divorced man, but it would be hard if he already has children.”

She added, “I can raise his child with love like they are my child, but if I have my own child, I wonder if I can love them the same or raise them without any discrimination.”

Source: wikitree

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