Top 11 most anticipated Korean dramas to come out in November

This November promises to be an exciting month for K-drama fans. 

November marks the release of more than 10 new Korean dramas that feature a quality cast and extremely diverse storylines. 

1. Melancholia (tvN – November 3)

Led by the “noona-dongsaeng” couple with a 16-year age difference, Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun, Melancholia depicts the special romance between a math teacher and her male student – a math prodigy suffering from melancholy. The two are dragged into a highschool scandal and meet again four years later.

November K-Drama

2. Happiness (tvN – November 5)

Happiness is a horror series about an apocalypse and mainly revolves around the lives of people living in the same apartment building. Due to the outbreak of a new infectious disease and prolonged water shortages, people struggle to survive. Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik play courageous, upright police officers who fight for the survival of humanity and for their own love.

November K-Drama

3. The Red Sleeve (MBC – November 5)

The Red Sleeve is set in the 18th century Joseon Dynasty and tells the royal romance between King Jeongjo of Korea, a man who always puts his duty to his country above love, and a court lady who wants to live the life she has always wanted.

November K-Drama

4. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (tvN – November 8)

Set in the Joseon era, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy tells the story of a gourmet young man who becomes a secret royal inspector by chance and a divorced woman who is always looking for happiness. They team up to investigate the truth behind many cases and expose corruption.

November K-Drama

5. IDOL: The Coup (jTBC – November 8)

IDOL: The Coup is a musical drama that portrays the story of “fail-dols” (unpopular idols), who are in need of a one time hit to avoid disbandment.

November K-Drama

6. Now, We Are Breaking Up (SBS – November 12)

The most anticipated blockbuster in November is Now, We Are Breaking Up – a work staring Song Hye Kyo and young Jang Ki Yong. The film revolves around the love stories of a talented female designer who has lost faith in love and a young enthusiastic photographer.

November K-Drama

7. Hellbound (Netflix – November 19)

Hellbound marks the return of Yoo Ah In with the context of a fantasy version of the earth, where supernatural beings appear to drag humans to Hell.

8. Shadow Beauty (Kakao TV – November 20)

Because of her looks, Koo Ae Jin is bullied at school and even insulted by strangers. But after school, she has a hidden life, where she wears heavy makeup and spends hours editing images. She lives the life of Genie, a 770k-follower social media star. When she is looking for the boundary between the actual person and the Genie, a boy at school finds Koo Ae Jin’s secret.

9. School 2021 (KBS – November 17)

School 2021 is finally getting ready to air after overcoming several casting difficulties. The video depicts the lives and development of students in a vocational high school.

10. One Ordinary Day (Coupang Play – November 27)

“One Ordinary Day,” starring two talented actors, Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won, is about a college student who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. While he was being scolded by everyone, only a newly licensed lawyer came forward to defend him without hesitation.

11. Show Window: The Queen’s House (Channel A – November 29)

The Queen’s House is a psychological drama. The story revolves around a lady who supports another woman’s affair while being ignorant that that woman is her husband’s mistress.


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