Han Ga-in will appear as a surprise guest on “2 Days 1 Night”… Yeon Jung-hoon reacts, “Honey, why are you here?”

Han Ga-in, the guest that everyone has been waiting for, will appear on “2 Days 1 Night”.

The “Isn’t it good? in Gurye” Special of KBS 2TV’s 2 Days 1 Night Season 4, which will air on April 3rd, will depict an exciting and explosive travel story with the super special guest Han Ga-in.

In this episode, 6 members, who were told to wear “boyfriend looks”, will appear in 6 different colors with the fashion that can flutter the hearts of women. Sensing a strange atmosphere, Moon Se-yoon asks, “Will there be a guest who may excite us?”. Then, the production team surprises the members by announcing that a special guest has arrived.

Han Ga-in guest 2 Days 1 Night

Prior to the appearance of the guest, 6 member begins to reveal their ideal types with high expectations. While Yeon Jung-hoon is showing affection for his wife as he answered “Han Ga-in!”, Kim Jong-min, who has the same ideal type as Ravi, shows his desire for dating, saying, “Introduce me!”.

When told that the guest was one of the people the members mentioned, Din Din says, “If your wife comes, I will boycott the filming!”, showing his jealousy and expressing strong ambition for a spring date.

When Han Ga-in appears on the scene, Yeon Jung-hoon, who has no idea about her appearance, shows a realistic reaction, saying “Honey, why are you here?”. Yeon Jung-hoon is surprised once again as Han Ga-in reveals a behind-the-scenes story that is like the 007 mission in order to deceive her husband until the morning of the filming day.

Han Ga-in guest 2 Days 1 Night

Din Din sweats impatiently at the unexpected real-life visit of Yeon Jung-hoon’s wife. As he has often shown his extraordinary love as a fan for Han Ga-in, he admired, “This is the first time I could feel that I’m meeting her as a real person”. Please look forward to what kind of trip the special guest Han Ga-in will go on with the cast members.

The new episode of Korea’s representative real wild road trip variety show “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” airs at 6:30 p.m on April 3rd (Sunday).

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