“We have filmed my reunion scene with IU”, Lee Jun-ki revealed the happy ending version 6 years after “Moon Lovers” ended

The behind-the-scene story of the last episode of SBS masterpiece drama “Moon Lovers”, starring Lee Jun-ki and IU, is finally revealed.    

On Mar 31st, Lee Jun-ki appeared on YouTube’s web entertainment show “MMTG” and spent time looking back on his filmography.

Having made people laugh with his pleasant talk and extraordinary wit, Lee Jun-ki delivered good news that he had already filmed a scene of reuniting with IU in the modern era in the last episode of SBS drama “Moon Lovers” aired in 2016.

Moon Lovers” is a time slip romance in which Ko Ha-jin (IU), who lived in the 21st century, accidentally transforms into the body of a lady named Hae-soo in the Goryeo Dynasty and meets Wang So (Lee Jun-ki), the king of Goryeo, and falls in love.

The tragic sad ending of Hae-soo returning to the modern world after dying alone without seeing Wang So had made many viewers cried their eyes out.

The scene of the last episode, in which Ko Ha-jin, who returned to the modern era, cried loudly after seeing Wang So‘s painting at the museum, saying, “I’m sorry to leave you alone,” is still a famous scene.

Jae-jae showed Lee Jun-ki a picture that IU previously uploaded on her Instagram, and asked if there was a scene where Wang So, who was reborn in the modern world, met Ko Ha-jin.

After confessing there is actually such a scene, Lee Jun-ki said that he had filmed a scene where Hwang So, who could not remember what happened in his previous life but still came and handed over a handkerchief to Ko Ha-jin who was crying.

He then said that the original scene was supposed to show Ko Ha-jin recognizing Wang So, calling him and then they smiled at each other.

Director Kim Kyu-tae, who directed “Moon Lovers,” also said he had thought really hard until the end of the filming about whether he should give a deep lingering impression or hint a happy ending.

Lee Jun-ki also expressed his opinion, explaining that drama fans like sad things after saying that the scene of reuniting in modern days was not included in the main broadcast as well as the DVD released after the end of the drama.

Many fans who saw this responded, “It would have been nice if it had been a happy ending,” and “Please, I hope those scenes will be released.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ki will play the role of Kim Hee-woo, the main character in the SBS drama “Again My Life,” which will premiere on April 8th. The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.

※ You can check out the story from 23:14.

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