Fan clubs from all over the world donate for children and women in need to celebrate BTS j-hope’s birthday 

Despite the global pandemic crisis, donation projects are carried out in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.  

Despite the pandemic crisis, ARMY around the world has made donations to help children and women in need in commemoration of BTS j-hope‘s birthday (February 18th).

The Korean fan club, along with the international relief and development NGO “Save the Children”, will carry out the “#HopeGoesOn2022” donation project until Feb 28th to protect the right to receive education and support the new school semester for children from low-income families in Korea.

BTS j-hope birthday 

Another Korean fan club delivered donations to the Haesong Regional Children’s Center in Seoul, which provides community education for children and adolescents in need of social care.

The fan club ARMY social campaign team conducted a point donation campaign for the Korea Welfare Services called “Children Are Your Hope, You Are Children’s Hope” to deliver child care expenses and psychological and emotional support expenses to “Child Dream Center,” a shelter for children affected by abuse in Gwangju, j-hope’s hometown.

BTS j-hope birthday 

Overseas, a Vietnamese fan club donated money under the name of “Jung Hoseok” (j-hope’s real name) to the United Nations Food Program (WFP) to provide food to Syrian children and their families.

The Taiwanese fan club donated under the name of “Jung Hoseok” (j-hope’s real name) to the “Chinese Heart Disease Children’s Foundation.” Myanmar’s fan club delivered donations and necessary items directly to an orphanage in Hmabi, Yangon.

Kazakhstan’s fan club has completed donations to “Menin Armanym,” a fund that helps severely ill children aged 3 to 18 experience various activities and dreams. In Indonesia, a fan club along with the “Save the Children” have delivered donations to orphanages and are raising funds to help victims of sexual violence.

ARMY also held a cupholder cafe to commemorate j-hope’s birthday in Arizona and Texas and has donated some of its profits to the “Child Fund USA” to help children from poor families.

BTS j-hope birthday 

Fan clubs in Mexico and Latin America conducted a “World of Hope” (#MundoDeEsperanzaMX) project and donated to the children’s sponsorship foundation “Apadrina UN NIN.” 

The Mexican fan club donated under the name of “Jung Hoseok” to a volunteer organization that cares for children’s cancer patients on the occasion of “World Pediatric Cancer Day.” In addition, a photo of j-hope was enclosed in each package of candies and delivered directly to two specialized hospitals and cancer children’s shelters in Mexico City, the capital.

The Chilean fan club donated to Toki Rapa Nui, a group that supports children and teenagers on Rapa Nui Island, famous for its Moai statue. Guatemala fan club is raising funds to donate to Cabecitas decotton, a shelter for the elderly and single mothers.

BTS j-hope birthday 

Warm donations continued in Europe and Africa as we3ll. Swiss fan clubs donated money to the Joel Kinderspitex Foundation, a home healthcare service organization that specializes in caring for sick or disabled children. Portuguese fan club collected donations and delivered them to the Portuguese Association for Development and Autism Disability “APPDA-Lisboa.”

Fan clubs in the Middle East and North Africa delivered donations to the World Food Program (WFP) to provide meals to children at the Sudan Refugee Camp. The Algerian fan club collected donations and donated them to the “Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation.”

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