IU’s scary expression when she is very angry drew 200% sympathy from netizens

The expression that IU makes when she is angry caught the attention of netizens.

IU’s expression when she is really angry

On February 25th, an article titled, “IU’s expression when she is really angry”, was posted on the online community theqoo. The article included the video of IU celebrating her Youtube channel reaching 1 million subscribers in the past.

IU’s expression when she is really angry
IU’s expression when she is really angry

When a fan asked, “Show me your face when you’re very angry”, IU made the expression of looking at the opponent seriously without saying a word. When her staff said, “Oh wow”, IU smiled and asked back, “Everyone knows this expression, right?”.

fan asked

Netizens who saw the article reacted, “I know that expression”, “When you’re very angry, you won’t show any emotion on your face”, “If you see that expression, you have to say ‘It’s my fault’ right away”, “Yes, this is the time to have a talk, not to waste our emotions”.

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