6 tvN K-drama male leads who are the boyfriends of our dreams

They define boyfriend material. 

tvN dramas have never let us down when it comes to introducing the most dreamy male leads. Here are 6 male leads of the shows released by tvN that would make the perfect boyfriends in real life. 

1. Hong Du Sik – Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021)

Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) is a kindhearted and cheerful man. Wherever he goes, he exudes the most positive energy with a smile on his face and is always willing to help people out.  

K-drama material boyfriends

Our Chief Hong is like an irreplaceable part of the village who connects and is adored by everyone. A man who treats everyone around him so well like Du Sik certainly also cherishes and takes good care of the woman he loves. 

K-drama material boyfriends

2. Kim Shin – Goblin (2016)

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) has it all. He is tall, handsome, and powerful. He is also super rich, lives in a huge mansion and has a wardrobe filled with fancy clothes. But his personality is what makes us fall in love.  

K-drama material boyfriends

Get yourself a boyfriend like Kim Shin who can be both fun, quirky yet cold, serious and fierce. Don’t we all love it when Kim Shin shows his funny and somewhat naive side? He is just too cute, especially for an old man who has lived for almost 1000 years. 

K-drama material boyfriends

3. Ri Jung Hyuk – Crash Landing on You (2019)

Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin

Ri Jung Hyuk has become the man of our dreams ever since Crash Landing on You came out. He is the perfect embodiment of a knight in shining armor who rescues a damsel in distress. Every action, gesture or gaze that Ri Jung Hyuk gives Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) has proved how perfect of a boyfriend he is. 

Hyun-bin Son Ye-jin

4. Lee Ik Jun – Hospital Playlist (2020 & 2021)

K-drama characters who are the most amazing friends

He might not be the most handsome male lead on this list, but personality wise, Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) screams the biggest boyfriend-material energy. What makes Ik Jun most charming is how caring he is and his sense of humor. He always has ways to make others laugh and brighten everyone’s mood. He may look like someone who likes joking around, but he is super considerate and sweet. 

K-drama characters who are the most amazing friends

5. Choi Taek – Reply 1988 (2015)

For those who ship Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) and Sung Duk Sun (Lee Hyeri) from the beginning, the ending of Reply 1988 cannot get any better right? The male leads of this drama are all charming, but Choi Taek stands out with how sweet and considerate he is on the inside, despite looking clumsy and naive on the outside. 

K-drama material boyfriends

Most importantly, Choi Taek always has his eyes set on only Sung Duk Sun and is not afraid to express his feelings to her. We all need a boyfriend like Choi Taek in our lives. 

K-drama material boyfriends

6. Baek Yi Jin – Twenty Five, Twenty One (2022)

K-drama material boyfriends

Among K-drama male leads in early 2022, Nam Joo Hyuk definitely portrays the most boyfriend-material character, Baek Yi Jin in Twenty Five, Twenty One. Not only is Baek Yi Jin handsome, he also makes our hearts flutter with how calm, soft and attentive he is to the female lead. He is so flawless that perhaps a boyfriend like him only exists in fiction. 

K-drama material boyfriends
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