Korean reporters choose the idol with the best and worst airport outfits

As seen by Korean reporters, no BLACKPINK member has made a good impression with their airport outfits recently.

Maybe many people do not know, Star1 is a Korean website specializing in the life and fashion of idols. Recently, the reporters of this site held a poll to choose the idols with the best and worst airport outfits recently. There are five idols on the list, three of them have excellent clothing choices, and two others haven’t looked their best at the airport. The outcomes will undoubtedly astound you.

Idols with the best airport fashion: Sunmi, MONSTA X I.M, Momo

Idols airport outfits
Sunmi flew to Dubai in the first month of the year. And the outfit she wore that day at the airport was praised by reporters. The female idol mixes a trench coat with a knitted shirt and mid-calf leather boots, creating a trendy gray-toned outfit
Idols airport outfits
I.M, a member of MONSTA X is one of the idols with the best airport outfits on this list. The male idol chose a turtleneck sweater, checkered jacket, and finished his outfits with ripped denim pants. According to reporters, I.M’s outfit is more like going on a date than going to the airport
Idols airport outfits
Closing the top 3 is TWICE Momo in a pure white outfit, giving the feeling of an extremely luxurious “chaebol” (Korean tycoon). According to reporters, this outfit can be risky and cumbersome, but the female idol has handled it very well, successfully becoming the center of attention at the airport.

Idols with the worst airport fashion: Jisoo and Chungha

Idols airport outfits
BLACKPINK Jisoo surprised netizens when she was one of the two idols who were criticized for being poorly dressed at the airport. Jisoo’s dark outfit was commented as “boring” and “cheesy”.
Idols airport outfits
The other female idol included in this list is Chungha. According to reports, celebrities’ airport outfits consist of two elements: comfort and fashion. Chungha’s outfit, on the other hand, is difficult to categorize as “fashion.” There is no matching between her long cardigan, cap, and training suit.

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