Stray Kids Felix receives criticism for sending fans R-rated messages through Bubble

It is known that Stray Kids Felix sent fans R-rated messages.

Stray Kids Felix

On March 16th, a video titled “Unbelievable requests from male idols to fans” was posted on the YouTube channel “[탈덕수용소] Sojang“.

[탈덕수용소] Sojang” revealed the messages Felix sent fans through Bubble, saying, “On March 6th, JYP’s Stray Kids Felix said this to fans.”

According to the screenshots, Felix told his fans, “You should try using silk blankets. It’s very comfortable, not hot but really cool. If you want to try it, there’s a good spot next to my bed. You can sleep with me.”

[탈덕수용소] Sojang” reported that Felix sent fans a selfie lying on the bed in real time, adding, “What he said after that is more spectacular.”

According to the content, Felix said, “Oh, it’s so hot. I must have imagined being with you too much. I’m glad you can’t read my mind. What do you think I was thinking? I’ll do whatever you want. You now have the leather strap around my neck.” He also sent a voice message that included the kiss and moan sounds.

[탈덕수용소] Sojang” asked, “If you look at this conversation, it’s like Telegram’s deviant system. Is this a conversation between an idol and a fan? Fans say that’s not what he meant. Felix is a 23-year-old adult male. Can you really believe that he said these things without any intention of being rated Rated R?”

Netizens who watched the video responded, “If it were a girl group, it would have been a mess” and “I can’t believe it’s a true story.”

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will make a comeback with the release of their new mini-album “ODDINARY” at 1 PM tomorrow (March 18th).


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