This YouTuber expressed his position after his parody of “Woo Young Woo” was criticized for “mocking autism”

YouTuber Wowcow, who was embroiled in a controversy over disparaging autism after parodying the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” expressed his honest position on the case.

On July 18th, Wowcow expressed his opinion on the controversial video through his YouTube channel.

“I think there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable watching this. I respect everyone’s opinion. It’s natural because everyone has different perspectives and different values,” she said.

Wowcow added, “The ‘Wowcow’ channel is a channel that portrays my life values and perspectives, so people who are similar to me or have the same humor code can enjoy it, and I want to build it like that. Therefore, if you don’t think my channel is right for you, please cancel your subscription or block me.”

In addition, regarding the criticism that he mocked and disparaged autism, Wowcow explained that he was only trying to parody Woo Young-woo, a character in the drama, and that he did not disparage or caricature any of the autism symptoms.

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In the meantime, he also argued that the idea of judging whether it will be okay to imitate Woo Young-woo’s character is divided according to people’s differences in values.

“I thought that the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ creates a friendly, cute, lovely and positive image of people with autism,” Wowcow said. “I think it helped me to naturally like people who have a similar tone to Woo Young-woo,” he said, explaining the positive influence of the drama.

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“I think there are people who are uncomfortable. But I thought positively. I think people like me and those who don’t should both be respected,” he added.

Wowcow emphasized that he was only trying to induce natural laughter by capturing the lovely appearance of Woo Young-woo’s character, and that he never intended to ridicule or disparage the character’s disability.

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Finally, Wowcow said, “I think they will become more isolated if we make the disabilities too sacred and inviolable. The more opportunities for us to accept this tone as a natural speaking tone, to become familiar with it, and to understand it, the more it will become a society where everyone can be together,” he said, expressing his firm belief.

Earlier, Wowcow posted a video titled “Extraordinary Wife Wowcow” on his YouTube channel.

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In the video, Wowcow’s wife was seen copying the way Woo Young-woo speaks and the gestures of Woo Young-woo, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder in the drama.

Many netizens who saw this video criticized the Youtuber, saying, “No matter how popular the main character of the drama is, I don’t think it’s right for them to copy autism like that,” “Even the actress who played Woo Young-woo carefully acted her role to avoid hurting those related.”

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