“Celebrity” review: A simple combination of new plot and exuding chemistry equals immense success 

With these following “ingredients,” “Celebrity” successfully becomes the next drama hit. 

While “Celebrity” just aired on Netflix, the drama series has quickly climbed into the Top Trending for a compelling story about the hidden aspects of influencers’ lives. There are several reasons that contribute to the drama’s success: 

A new story with a properly written script

“Celebrity” revolves around Seo Ah Ri, a girl who went from riches to rags when her family’s business went bankrupt. From that point onward, she has to struggle for a living. However, Ah Ri has another life-turning moment when she starts stepping into the world of influencers and getting involved in the luxury, but no less complex, life of celebrities. 


According to many audiences, the drama maintains a balance between entertainment and a realistic depiction of what it is like being a celebrity. The drama explores contemporary social issues that keep viewers glued to their seats. The twists are hidden left and right in the drama, making viewers eager to find out what happens next. 

A burning, intense love story between the lead couples 

As Ah Ri, park Gyu Young brings a raw and grounded depiction of her character with a natural acting perfect immersion into her character without compromising a touch of the actress’ acting style. Moreover, Ah Ri’s fashion also grabbed attention, its intricateness perfectly captured the luxury indulgences of influencers. 


At the same time, Kang Min Hyuk as the handsome, arrogant CEO Han Jun Kyung also piqued viewers’ interest. He is self-conceited but cannot bring himself to stay away from Gyu Young, which creates a powerful chemistry between the two. Kang Min Hyuk is also praised for breaking away from a stereotypical innocent good guy image and challenging himself with a more aloof and mysterious character. 

Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk have had an emotional and captivating collaboration throughout the series. While there are not many directly intimate moments, their tension is enough to show how the pair feels toward each other. 

A mysterious but no less grand setting

“Celebrity” takes a deep-dive into the lives of celebrities and influencers, and the production team was not afraid to exploit their glamorous and ornate lives for show. The luxury parties and flashy balls became a trademark of the drama and easily lure potential viewers in. 

The drama is also dotted with a stellar cast, which further fleshes out the high-end lifestyle viewers are curious to know more about. The flashiness and extravagance were not an eyesore but a helpful criticism of what is considered the standard in the drama. 

In addition, the series also conveys messages of friendship and love that can resonate with viewers deeply. 

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