How is the youngest trainee of JYP’s survival TV show doing now?

14-year-old Natty unfortunately failed JYP’s survival show “Sixteen.” She has made her solo debut and might debut in a girl group soon.

S2 Entertainment announced on Dec 27th, “We will launch a new girl group next year. Our new girl group is composed of members with visuals, skills, charm, colorful talents and potential. They will show a different charm that has not been seen in any existing girl groups.”

This upcoming girl group is expected to be an ambitious project planned by Chairman Hong Seung Sung, who used to serve as CEO of JYP Entertainment and founded Cube Entertainment in 2008.


Chairman Hong Seung Sung is also known as the “hand of Midas” as he has raised famous idols such as Hyun Ah, 4Minute, Beast, BTOB, CLC, Pentagon, and (G)I-DLE.

On top of that, there is news that S2 Entertainment has acquired the label AURA, run by BTS and TXT’s singer-songwriter ADORA, raising expectations for the music quality of its new girl group.

On the other hand, there are many speculations circling online about the debut line-up as the identity of the new girl group aroused curiosity.


Natty, who signed an exclusive contract with S2 Entertainment in July, is the most mentioned. A native Thai, Natty once appeared on JYP Entertainment’s survival audition program Mnet’s “Sixteen” in 2015.

At the time, Natty was favored by Park Jin Young for her overflowing talent despite her young age of 14. However, she became the first trainee to be eliminated from the show. She later returned to Thailand after breaking up with JYP as the final line-up of “Sixteen” made their debut as “TWICE.”


When Natty appeared on the Mnet audition show “Idol School” in 2017, she revealed that she left JYP because she felt apologetic towards her parents and burdened by her skills. However, despite ranking high in the early part of “Idol School”, Natty only got 13th place in the finale and was unable to debut.

In 2020, Natty, who signed with a new agency, debuted under the stage name NATTY and released the singles “NINETEEN” and “Teddy Bear”, pursuing a solo career.


At the same time, predictions about a new girl group centering around Natty were raised and gained attention.

On the other hand, in 2021, S2 Entertainment launched the girl group “Hot Issue”, which released a mini-album and a single. Unfortunately, the group was unable to gain much attention.

Hot issue

Accordingly, even though they were only active for a year, Hot Issue suddenly announced their disbandment in April due to financial difficulties. Now that it has been 8 months, it remains a question whether a new girl group with Natty will be possible.

Source: News Ade

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