Song Joong Ki’s alleged girlfriend, victim of 50,000 euros worth of jewelry theft… Appear alongside George Clooney in adverts

Amid considerable interest in British actress Katy Louise Saunders, who is being pointed out as actor Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend, her past career and incidents are also drawing attention.

In March 2014, Daily Mail reported that robbers stole 50,000 euros (about 67,641,500 won) worth of jewelry from a British actress’ house in Rome, Italy. The victim was Katy Louise Saunders.

Katie Lewis Saunders

Daily Mail introduced Katy Louise Saunders, “Actress Katy Saunders starred in the Hollywood film Lizzie McGuire, and appeared alongside George Clooney in the iconic Nespresso adverts.” They continued, “On arriving home the 30-year-old actress and model who has lived in Rome for four years found her luxury apartment ransacked and her collection of gold and jewels missing.

They added, “Police said that the thieves were a ‘gang of acrobats’, who were capable of scaling the building, manoeuvring along a thin water pipe and using the grates of windows belonging to other apartments before entering the apartment. Katy Louise Saunders found the locks picked and immediately called emergency services.

Katy Louise Saunders

Earlier, Song Joong Ki coolly revealed the romantic relationship with his British girlfriend. Song Joong Ki’s side said, “Song Joong Ki is dating a woman with good feelings. We hope you give the two’s romantic relationship a warm gaze. Please understand that we cannot confirm any information other than the dating fact. Please refrain from unconfirmed speculative reports.

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The public’s interest in top star Song Joong Ki is bound to be hot. Therefore, they are also interested in Katy Louise Saunders, who is believed to be his girlfriend. Rumors of marriage and pregnancy have also surfaced. Katy Louise Saunders was born in 1984 and is one year older than Song Joong Ki. Born to a British father and a Colombian mother, she was born in England and graduated from the prestigious Bocconi University. She spent her childhood traveling between London and Italy, and later lived in Milan. In the past, she worked as an actress and is known for her appearances in films such as “Los Borgia” (2006), “Third Person” (2013) and “Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003). However, she is reportedly retired from acting with no new activities in a long while. It is known that she is currently working as a language private tutor.

Source: Nate, Daily Mail

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