“Now I’m struggling in pain” Former T-ara member announced the birth of her second son on Dec 29th

Han Ah Reum, a former member of the girl group T-ara, gave birth to her second child.

On December 29th, Han Ah Reum announced the news on her Instagram, saying “I gave birth to my child healthily”.

She said, “My second child Ppotto (fetus nickname) was born very healthy, weighing 3.98 kg”, adding “The word ‘love’ is so true to my second child. No matter what he does, he looks cute and pretty”.

Han Ah-reum

Han Ah Reum confessed, “I was really relaxed before giving birth because this is my second child, but now I’m struggling in pain”, adding “I’m reflecting on myself for being arrogant when saying ‘I don’t need pain shot’, ‘Isn’t pregnancy a kind of physical constitution?’. Right after anesthesia, my body hurt so much, so I keep pressing pain shots violently. I thought it wouldn’t hurt because I got anesthesia. Do you know about Caesarean section? Pain buster and painless treatment, I’m holding onto the lifeline and enduring this night”.

Han Ah-reum

She continued, “Now I’m trying to recover. Thank you for blessings from you all”.

In response, netizens commented, “Congratulations!”, “Hope you only walk on the flower path”, “You did well”, “I still remember the pain from Caesarean section”, “I hope you take care and stay healthy”, etc.

Han Ah Reum revealed the news of her childbirth and also the appearance of her second son.

Han Ah-reum

Han Ah Reum joined T-ara in 2012 and was active for about two years. Later, she married a non-celebrity in 2019 and gave birth to her first son in 2020. This year, she appeared on TVing’s entertainment program “Between Marriage and Divorce” and talked about her conflict with her husband. However, during the broadcast, she announced the news of her second pregnancy and received warm congratulations from the public.

Source: wikitree

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