3 trainees leaving “Boy’s Planet”, the debut journey begins with 95 members

Mnet’s “Boys Planet” begins its journey with 95 participants after 3 trainees left prior to the show after many discussions.

According to a report by SpoTV News on Dec 30th, a total of 95 participants, including 47 from K Group and 48 from G Group, will start the run to gather votes to make their debut.

Initially, “Boys Planet” announced that a total of 98 trainees, 49 participants from K Group and 49 from G Group, from around the world will appear to compete.

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However, during the first period at the dorm, 3 trainees expressed their intention to drop out for various reasons and left the program after a long discussion with the production team. The trainees were not disclosed in the profile of “Boy’s Planet” participants released on Dec 29th.

A representative from “Boy’s Planet” said, “During the contest, some participants expressed their intention to drop out of the program. The production team met not only with the participants who decided to voluntarily drop off, but also with their agency or parents to share their opinions. After a long discussion, we have decided to respect the participants’ opinions.”

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“We ask for your understanding that we can’t tell you in detail because such specific information are personal,” “Boy’s Planet” said.

“Boy’s Planet” released a performance video of its theme song “Here I Am” on Dec 29th. Participants such as Pentagon member Hui and center Sung Han Bin have been drawing attention right after the video was released.

“Boy’s Planet” will premiere at 8 p.m. on February 2nd next year.

Source: SPOTV News

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