This singer and ballerina disappointed her mother by joining SM Entertainment 

Her mother didn’t want her to enter SM Entertainment. 

Singer and ballerina Stephanie and her mother appeared on the latest episode of SBS’s singing show ‘DNA Singer – Fantastic Family‘, which was broadcast on July 7th. Stephanie introduced herself as a ‘dancing queen’, and revealed that she was scouted for dancing, and also won first place for singing during an audition.

Stephanie’s mother, Lee Myung Sook, who appeared on the stage in an elegant manner, delivered an amazing vocal performance and surprised the panelists with her high-level singing skills.

Lee Myung Sook said, “I was a kindergarten teacher in the US for 13 years. I majored in vocal music in college, and I used to work at the San Diego Opera.

Lee Myung Sook talked about her daughter’s dancing skills, saying, “The top five MCs in Korea recognized our daughter’s dance.” MC Lee Soo Geun commented, “We did a dance-related program together.”

Lee Myung Sook recalled Stephanie showing her potential of becoming a ballerina when she was only 5 years old. So when Stephanie told her mother she wanted to be a singer, Lee Myung Sook was against it a lot. 

Lee Myung Sook said, “In fact, I was a music teacher in Korea for 17 years. And I took my daughter to America because she seemed to have a talent for ballet.” 

She continued, “I couldn’t speak English, so I went to a language school. I also worked as a server at a restaurant and in a laundry. I worked hard to take care of her, but she went to Korea alone, so I cried a lot at that time.” 

Stephanie said, “I was offered admission to Boston Ballet School at a young age. At that moment, I was also selected to join SM. I had two options and I ended up choosing the singer path. I didn’t even talk to my mom for about a month.” 

After hearing the story, MC Lee Soo Geun told Lee Myung Sook, “You must really hate SM,” and she responded, “I do. Please let them know that“, making everyone laugh. 

Source: daum

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