Hyolyn took first place and Brave Girls placed last again in “Queendom 2” cover round

Hyolyn received a perfect score and topped the final rankings of “Queendom 2” round 2. 

On Mnet’s “Queendom 2, which aired on April 21st, the results of the cover battle round were unveiled.

VIVIZ covered WJSN’s song “UNNATURAL” in red and black outfits and a tango concept. Watching VIVIZ’s performance, WJSN exclaimed, “We should have made a comeback like that.” On the other hand, VIVIZ’s Eunha blamed herself for her mistake on stage. She said while shedding tears, “I know that I’m not a good dancer. I’m so upset when I sometimes feel that I’m not good enough.”

Kep1er, the youngest team of “Queendom 2”, challenged the second round with Brave Girls’ song “Pool Party”. While the performance on the splendid purple stage received enthusiastic responses, Dayeon lost her balance and slipped on the thrust stage, and Yujin shed tears as she could not carry out the choreography properly due to the slippery floor.

Hyolyn, who won the first round, selected LOONA’sSo What” and once again showed her “performance queen” aspect. Hyolyn, who appeared together with a large ring attached to a wire in a costume reminiscent of cats, perfectly covered the song sung by 12 people alone, keeping everyone from shutting their mouths.

The final rankings of the second competition, which combines assessment from other Queendom acts, global audience votes and live audience votes, were respectively Hyolyn, LOONA, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er and Brave Girls.

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