Police reportedly consider an arrest if Yoo Ah In refuses to attend the next summon for drug use investigation

The police mentioned the possibility of an arrest if Yoo Ah In’s side refuses to comply with the second summon for his drug case.

At a press conference held on May 15th, the head of the National Police Agency’s National Investigation Division Woo Jong Soo stated, “Investigation by summoning Yoo Ah In will be conducted as soon as possible.”

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Regarding the future plans for the investigation, he said, “Yoo Ah In’s side is very sensitive about the date and time of the summons. That’s why we cannot disclose them”.

In addition, when asked if the police would consider arresting Yoo Ah In or requesting an arrest warrant if Yoo Ah In’s representative refused to cooperate with the investigation for reasons, such as summon schedules not coordinating with Yoo Ah In’s or keeping the investigation private, police head Woo said, “It would be best if he coordinates with the attendance date as quickly as possible”, adding “If that’s not possible, of course, we will have to consider such measures, including arrest or applying for an arrest warrant.”

He continued, “After comprehensively reviewing the details of the investigation, we will make our final decision, including possible prosecution”.

This is the first time that the police have mentioned the possibility of a forced investigation into Yoo Ah In’s allegation with an arrest.


Earlier, Yoo Ah In was scheduled to visit the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit on the 11th and participate in the second summon investigation. Yoo Ah In arrived in front of the place that day but did not attend the scheduled meeting and returned home because he felt burdened by the large number of reporters at the police station.

Later, Yoo Ah In’s legal representative explained, “According to the principal, it should have been a private investigation, but it turned out that the police summoned him publicly. Therefore, we demand a discussion with the police about changing the schedule”.

Yoo Ah In is suspected of taking five types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine and zolpidem.

Yoo Ah In’s side the police are discussing the schedule for another summon.

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