NMIXX Jiwoo stuns the crowd with her jaw-dropping weight loss

Jiwoo, a member of girl group NMIXX, boasts outstanding visuals after weight loss in a recent event. 

Ever since their debut, JYP’s latest girl group NMIXX has received a lot of attention for the members’ visuals. Alongside Sullyoon, who often becomes a hot topic for her appearance, Jiwoo also draws netizens’ eyes for her innocent charms. However, since the female idol’s figure is not considered “slim” in Korean beauty standards, she often receives criticisms. 

Jiwoo’s visual in a recent event 

In a recent event, however, Jiwoo stuns the crowd with her jaw-dropping weight loss. Dressed in an oversized T-shirt and shorts, the female idol impresses people with her long, slim legs, as well as her doll-like face. She is thus showered in praise, a far cry from previous negative comments, where some even went as far as to call Jiwoo NMIXX’s “visual hole”. 

Jiwoo used to be called NMIXX’s “visual hole” because she looks a little chubby
The female idol has undergone a drastic transformation 

Regarding Jiwoo’s spectacular change, fans could not help but be surprised. Netizens gradually changed their opinion and responded positively to Jiwoo’s new image.

Netizens’ reactions:

– Her face was already pretty, but after losing weight, she became legendary. Her legs look slimmer.

– She’s not super skinny compared to other idols, but if you compare her to her debut days, she lost a lot of weight. I feel both sorry and proud of her for her effort.

– Like a doll. Her vibe is different from Sullyoon’s. Her journalist pictures are pretty.

– She looks like the heroine in “From Me To You”.

Jiwoo with NMIXX

Source: k14

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