“Lee Soo Man’s wife’s nephew Lee Sung Soo, shameful betrayal! Don’t you have conscience?”

The Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association delivered its second position on the SM incident.

On Feb 21st, the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association (Chairman Lim Baek Woon, hereinafter referred to as KEPA) announced its second position regarding the recent conflict between SM’s current management and former producer Lee Soo Man. KEPA is a corporation with 440 agencies as its members.


KEPA reprimanded SM’s current management, “Looking at the recent irresponsible and ugly exposure of SM’s current management, we gather the producers’ will and reveal our second position. Stop SM’s current management’s ugly exposure that is destroying the Hallyu myth right away.”

KEPA talked about Lee Soo Man, “Producer Lee Soo Man (SM’s founder) and SM are the leading figure and symbolic company that created the myth of Hallyu K-POP. Producer Lee Soo Man founded the company in the early 1990s, introduced a new concept of idol group and management system in 1996, and achieved success with H.O.T.. SM is Hallyu K-POP’s legend, which has planned and produced numerous stars including BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Shinhwa, Super Junior, EXO, SHINee, Red Velvet, NCT, aespa, etc.”

lee soo man

KEPA continued, “Our record producers are well aware that SM’s success and reputation cannot be achieved simply with money and effort. Therefore, we cannot help but look at the recent situation in which the current management is driving the Hallyu myth into a mud fight and destroying it overnight with sorrow and mixed feelings. We would like to ask what SM’s co-CEO Lee Sung Soo contributed to the current SM.”

KEPA sighed, “If he had a bit of conscience, no, if he had a normal way of thinking, would he be able to commit such a betrayal? Is he thinking about the impact that this shameful betrayal will have on Hallyu, rather than just being limited to an ordinary fight over management rights of a company?”

KEPA claimed, “Co-CEO Tak Young Joon and director Park Joon Young, who incite employees to turn their backs on producer Lee Soo Man under the pretext of saving the company together with co-CEO Lee Sung Soo, should kneel down and apologize to producer Lee Soo Man, who trusted and nurtured them.”

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