Christmas Carol confirms cast lineup with the appearance of GOT7’s Jin-young, Kim Dong-hwi, Kim Young-min and Heo Dong-won

Jin-young (member of idol group GOT7), Kim Dong-hwi, Kim Young-min and Heo Dong-won will work together in the movie ‘Christmas Carol’.

According to the film industry on October 18th, 4 actors have decided to appear in ‘Christmas Carol’ and are in the process of adjusting specific details. ‘Christmas Carol’ tells the story of a young man who infiltrates a juvenile detention center to avenge the death of his twin brother and faces the truth hidden behind his brother’s death. Director Kim Sung-soo, who helmed the movie ‘Running Wild’, has written the scenario and prepared for directing ‘Christmas Carol’ for a long time. The work will be co-produced by Blue Planet – the production company which was co-founded by Fine Cut (a film distributor specialized in introducing Korean films overseas), Lim Min-sub (producer of ‘Gokseong’, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’) and Lim Ji-young (general producer of Planit Production who leads the advertising campaign).

GOT7 Jinyoung Christmas Carol

Earlier, Jin-young decided to take on 2 main roles as the twin brothers Joo Il-woo and Joo Wol-woo in ‘Christmas Carol’. Actor Kim Dong-hwi, who worked with Choi Min-sik in the movie ‘A Mathematician in Wonderland’, will transform into a juvenile student and cooperate with Jin-young. It is expected that 2 rising stars’ rough and detailed acting battle will be the main point to watch out for.

GOT7 Jinyoung Christmas Carol

In addition, Kim Young-min – who was highlighted in ‘The World of the Married’ and ‘Lucky Chan-sil’ – will appear as a juvenile counseling teacher, and Heo Dong-won – who played an intense villain in ‘The Outlaws’ – will take on the role of a correctional teacher who controls juvenile detention center with violence. If Jin-young and Kim Dong-hwi lead the narration as juvenile students, Kim Young-min and Heo Dong-won are expected to add intensity to the story as another axis.

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‘Christmas Carol’ is undergoing pre-production with the aim of filming early next year.

Source: Daum

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