This Drama Starring Ji Chang-wook Might Be The Next Big Disney+ Hit After ‘Moving’

“The Worst of Evil”, starring Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon, raises high expectations ahead of its premiere

On September 26th, a press conference for “The Worst of Evil” was held at Chosun Palace in Gangnam, Seoul. Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi and director Han Dong-wook attended the event.

Scheduled to premiere on the 27th, “The Worst of Evil” is a crime action film that depicts the process of police Jun-mo (Ji Chang-wook) infiltrating an organization, known as the center of drug trade in Korea, China, and Japan, in the 1990s to investigate them. Director Han Dong-wook, who has expanded his directing spectrum after assisting with the directing of “The Unjust”, “Nameless Gangster”, and “New World”, collaborated with screenwriter Jang Min-seok, who received favorable reviews for “Secret Reunion”.

The Worst Evil

Ahead of the movie release, director Han said, “I’m very nervous. All the staff and actors worked so hard so I really want to show the work to many viewers as soon as possible”.

Ji Chang-wook plays the role of Park Joon-mo, a police officer who becomes Kwon Seung-ho then jumps into an undercover operation and risks his life for success and recognition. In other words, Ji Chang-wook portrayed two roles at a time, Park Joon-mo and Kwon Seung-ho. In this regard, Ji Chang-wook explained, “I didn’t think I had to express two characters. All I did was stay in the right situation. I always waited for the director’s direction and controlled the tempo of my acting. It was the first time I had to maintain the tension with this genre for a long time, so I trusted the director’s eyes and directing. I focused on the choices Park Joon-mi would make when going back, how desperate he is, how he would collapse, and the way he rationalizes the situations.”

The Worst Evil

Wi Ha-joon takes on the role of Ki-cheol, the leader of the criminal organization. This character is a man who can do anything to overcome the pain of his past and gain greater power and success. As such, Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon’s opposite images are also stimulating curiosity.

Ji Chang-wook gave 100 points for his chemistry with Wi Ha-joon. Regarding this, Wi Ha-joon shared, “All the actors were immersed in their characters and worked hard to film action scenes. I think my chemistry with Ji Chang-wook was almost the best. I’ve seen him doing action scenes since I was younger and admiring him. Ji Chang-wook is my action teacher. I’m also confident in action acting so I thought we could pull out the action scenes together in a rough and realistic way”.

The Worst Evil

Im Se-mi appears as Yoo Eui-jung, Ki-cheol’s first love and Jun-mo’s wife, who is both sharp and warm. Introducing her character, she said, “Realizing that her husband is doing a dangerous undercover operation, she joins the investigation to help him. Since she is Ki-cheol’s first love, the feelings of these three characters also become deeper”.

Apart from the main cast, actors Im Sung-jae, Chase Rae-hyung, and Lee Shin-gi also joined as the main pillars of the organization. In particular, singer BIBI also challenges acting as actress Kim Hyung-seo. Regarding the casting of Kim Hyung-seo, director Han said, “During our meeting, she gave off a raw feeling unlike that of an experienced actress, so I wanted to work with her”.

The Worst Evil

Apart from being considered one of the most anticipated works this September, “The Worst of Evil” is also expected to do well as the follow-up work to the hit drama “Moving”. In addition, the film will also be released right ahead of Chuseok Holiday.

Director Han shared, “I’m glad ‘Moving’ did well earlier, but it also makes me feel a little worried”. Ji Chang-wook said, “As an actor in this work, I’m happy and grateful that it is going to premiere in a good time. It’s a lie if I say that there is no burden but I actually felt more pressured during the filming. Our film also has its own color”. Wi Ha-joon added, “It may not be a work you can smile while watching with your family, but it will bring a new feeling to you”.

Source: Daum

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