ITZY’s Yeji: Convinced by WINNER’s Mino to audition, now a full-blown famous idol with a whopping net worth 

With talent and hard work, ITZY’s Yeji rises to be a famous and beloved K-pop idol.  

Yeji was born on May 26th, 2000 in a normal family in Jeonju, Korea. She showed her artistic side when she was little. Little did anyone know Yeji became a star thanks to the help of Mino (WINNER). Specifically, Mino was the nephew of a wife of a friend to Yeji’s father. Yeji and Mino met in one of the family gatherings where Mino persuaded Yeji to go to Seoul for an audition.

Mino said, “Yeji’s parents told me, ‘My daughter’s dream is to make her K-pop debut. Could you tell us what you think of her dancing?’ When a person is asked to dance unexpectedly, the person would usually become shy in doing so. However, Yeji didn’t show an ounce of shyness as she immediately put the tables aside and began dancing. She was incredibly good. She amazed me so I convinced her to go to an audition in Seoul.” 

Mino convinced Yeji to leave her hometown and pursue her passion for music. (Image: Pinterest) 
Mino was the first senior to give Yeji advice. (Image: Pinterest)
Mino was the first senior to give Yeji advice. (Image: Pinterest) 

In 2016, Yeji left for an audition of JYP Entertainment in Seoul and got in as a trainee. After three years, she debuted as a member of ITZY. She is the leader, main dancer, lead vocalist and sub rapper in the group. 

Yeji trained for three years to debut with ITZY. (Image: Pinterest) 
The female idol is in charge of central roles in the group. (Image: Pinterest) 

Yeji attracts fans and the public with her cat-like eyes, aloof charisma and mysterious vibes. ITZY’s new release “Cheshire” speaks loudly of Yeji’s talent as she confidently dances in heels and pulls off complex dance moves. 

Yeji dancing on high heels proves her formidable skills. (Image: SBS) 

Yeji is a perfectionist so she is strict. As the leader, she is always straightforward of the members’ routine errors.

Yeji points out the errors in the dance moves of the members. (Image: Pinterest)

Yeji is also praised for her photogenic looks and versatile expressions in fashion and commercial activities. Fans also urge JYPE to invest more in Yeji’s solo activities in these fields.

Fans believe she can do more with enough promotion in fashion. (Image: Pinterest) 

Yeji is reported to have a net worth of 1.5 million USD, showing how far she has come from an average family background. 

itzy yeji charles and keith
Yeji has a net worth of 1.5 million USD after 3 years of working. (Image: Pinterest) 
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