Wu Yifan receives a 13-year sentence, even his mother ends up in jail? 

Rumors surfaced that Wu Yifan’s mother may receive her own sentence in prison. 

On November 25th, Wu Yifan received a sentence of 11 years and 6 months in prison for rape and 1 year 10 months for “group lewdness” and faced a fine of 600 million yuan (84 million USD) for tax evasion. The male artist is to be deported from China after completing his sentence. 

Currently, Chinese social media are passing around the unofficial news of Wu’s mother and cousin going to prison. According to the news source, Stacey Wu was caught for affiliating in money laundering and illegal overseas property transfer. The information has yet to be verified. 

Rumor has it Wu Yifan’s mother… 
Kris Wu
… went to jail after her son’s imprisonment 

Previously, netizens speculated that it was Wu Yifan’s mother that indirectly put her son in jail by informing the police of Du Meizhu’s alleged blackmailing Kris Wu. However, when the police conducted the investigation, they discovered a range of illicit activities from Wu Yifan. At that time, Du Meizhu and other victims had not made their cases at court. 

Stacey Wu’s younger self had an impressive beauty for a non-celebrity 
Du Meizhu Kris Wu
She was considered the indirect force that got her own son in jail by alerting the police so that influencer Du Meizhu would be put in prison. Ironically, the police managed to dig up Wu Yifan’s evil deeds 

Source: Weibo

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