Song Joong Ki shares one similarity with his character in “Reborn Rich”, making fans proud

Fans of Song Joong Ki pointed out an impressive resemblance between famous actor Song Joong Ki and his role in the ongoing K-drama “Reborn Rich”.

In the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”, Song Joong Ki assumes the role of Hyun Woo, an employee under Soonyang Group. However, he was unfairly killed and reborn into Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of the very same family he worked for. However, whether as the poor and hardworking Hyun Woo or the wealthy son Jin Do Joon, Song Joong Ki’s character is still an exceptional character. For Hyun Woo, he is a great student regardless of circumstances, even scoring the highest in his grade in high school. Unfortunately, he had to give up on college due to his father losing his job and his mother passing away, and ended up working as a department head in Soonyang.

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Then, he was reborn into Do Joon, and seized the opportunity to unleash his full potential. As Do Joon, he continued to prove himself as excellent in studying, and became the valedictorian of Seoul University’s Department of Law, a feat that no member of Soonyang’s Jin family managed to achieve.

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Outstanding intelligence is the strength that both Hyun Woo and Song Joong Ki have. To some extent, Song Joong Ki is even better. The actor has an IQ of 140, which belongs to the group of those who are exceptionally smart. This is also the reason why he could easily pass all the subjects at school with good points. Scoring 380 points out of 400 in the college entrance exam, Song Joong Ki was immediately admitted to Sungkyunkwan University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Korea. He graduated with two Excellent degrees in Business Administration and Broadcasting.

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Although many people thought Song Joong Ki would succeed in everything he does with his extraordinary talent, he decided to pursue acting and spent many years playing minor roles as an unknown actor. Thanks to his hard work, Song Joong Ki finally shone and gained lots of remarkable achievements in both movies and dramas. Making big hits in two consecutive years with “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich”, Song Joong Ki is still enjoying the heyday of his career. 

Source: K14

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