The stained modern history of Korea, dominated by Song Joong Ki (“Reborn Rich” review)

Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) is dead.

Yoon Hyun Woo followed the new chairman’s order to find a pure asset hidden abroad, before being hit by a golf club and shot to death at the cliff edge of a foreign country.

However, when he woke up, he was a member of Soon Yang, the conglomerate family that drove him to death. Although he was a son out of wedlock, his father was the son of Soon Yang Chairman Jin Yang Chul. What will Yoon Hyun Woo, who became the “youngest son of a conglomerate family” Jin Do Joon, do? JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” is drawing attention with such an exciting development.

song joong ki reborn rich

Who drove Yoon Hyun Woo to his death?

Above all, the viewers may want to know who drove Yoon to his tragic death. However, Yoon Hyun Woo, who has become Jin Do Joon, focuses on confronting Soon Yang rather than finding the criminal.

Why doesn’t anyone raise any objections to the hereditary succession of Korean conglomerate families, while at the same time, people keep claiming they don’t understand the hereditary succession of the rulers in North Korea?

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In the play, Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) overturned the principle of “Succession to the eldest son” at the end of episode 8, but nevertheless, he only divides the companies that he built among his Jin children and managed them. The produce is given to his eldest son Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je Moon), fire insurance was given to his second son Jin Dong Ki (Jo Han Chul), and logistics such as department stores were given to his daughter Jin Hwa Young (Kim Shin-rok).

Jin Do Joon read the heart of Chairman Jin Yang Chul, who is so attracted, to the extent of obsession, by the automobile business. Jin Yang Chul started with Soon Yang Transportation and built large companies ranging from oil, chemicals, machinery, consumer goods and distribution, but his rival, the Chairman of Dae Young group, ridiculed him that none of his children is as good as those of Dae Young.

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However, Jin Yang Chul insisted on the principle of succession to the eldest son even if he is not capable of that position. Yoon Hyun Woo, who died in the present day, lost his life in the midst of the succession war, the struggle for power among the incompetent descendants of a conglomerate family. However, Yoon Hyun Woo was not obsessed with the reason of his death. In his second life, Jin Do Joon visits the home of his family, Yoon Hyun Woo’s family.

Ah Jin Motors, where his father used to work, went bankrupt due to the IMF crisis. His mother died of a heart attack after watching his father being assaulted at the union protest on TV. His mother passed away, while his father, who was assaulted and injured in the head, was no longer able to engage in economic activities. In the end, Yoon Hyun Woo, who had dreamed of going to college, had to become the head of his household.

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Currently, Jin Do Joon vows to save his mother and family by acquiring Ah Jin Motors. With the funds from the sale of “Bundang Land” given to him by grandfather Jin Yang Chul as a gift, he jumps into the acquisition of Sun Yang Motors. There is only one thing he wants in that war. It is Ah Jin Motors.

Still, Jin Do Joon did not give up and saved his father’s job by suggesting employment succession as a condition of further funding. Besides, he bought the building where his mother’s store belonged and ran to his old house, but his mother had already taken her own life.

song joong ki reborn rich

He thought that saving his father’s job would save his mother’s life. However, in this life, his mother bought Soon Yang Life Science’s shares with the money she saved to pay for her son’s school expenses, and Soon Yang Life Science was subject to corporate liquidation. When her faint hope became a scrap of paper, she could no longer bear it.

Jin Do Joon stands against Soon Yang with “capitalist means”

This is the moment when the true nature of the conglomerate named Sun Yang was revealed. Jin Do Joon knew exactly who sacrificed to build Soon Yang Group, and who else sacrificed to hand over the assets to their children.

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And Jin Do Joon stands against Soon Yang with “capitalist means” that only he can do. When the takeover of Ah Jin Motors failed, he required that Sun Yang provided employment to the staff of Ah Jin as a condition of paying for the acquisition of Sun Yang Motors. In addition, Jin Do Joon helped Jin Yang Chul’s son-in-law Choi Chang Je win the election as Seoul mayor despite Jin Yang Chul’s opposition.

Of course, Jin Do Joon has funding power, but the fight against Soon Yang, the greatest conglomerate of the time, is not easy. Just like a general on a chessboard, if Jin Do Joon tries to acquire Ah Jin Motors, Sunyang blocks his move. If he tries to develop the Sangam neighborhood, Sunyang uses its power and funding power to prevent it.

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Who is more at stake in the fight between those who have nothing to lose and those who have many things to lose? Through Jin Do Joon’s game of controling Korea’s top conglomerate family, viewers are enjoying the pleasure of watching the dark corners of modern Korean history exposed.

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