Lee Sung Min “I had preconceptions because of Song Joong Ki’s appearance, but he’s a ‘nosy’ child who takes care of everyone”

Regarding Song Joong Ki, who worked together with him in “Reborn Rich”, Lee Sung Min said, “He’s a nosy child who takes care of everyone.”

Lee Sung Min, who starred in the movie “The Devil’s Deal” (directed by Lee Won Tae), shared stories behind the drama “Reborn Rich“, which was popular last year, through an interview held in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Feb 27th.

Lee Sung Min

When asked if he felt his popularity after the end of “Reborn Rich”, Lee Sung Min replied with a smile, “It felt real during the series. People contacted me as if it was my first time appearing in a drama. In particular, I received a lot of calls from industry officials. I thought ‘This will also end in a month’, and it ended really neatly.”

Lee Sung Min said that the happiest moment recently was when “Reborn Rich” became a success. He added, “I was happy when people on the street recognized me and called me ‘Chairman, chairman’.”

Lee Sung Min

When asked what kind of actor Song Joong Ki was, Lee Sung Min confessed, “He was a great actor. If Cho Jin Woong in ‘The Devil’s Deal’ was a rope, Song Joong Ki was a silk string (?). He called me ‘Grandpa’ even when cameras weren’t rolling. He was a nosy child in a good sense. I was surprised because he was a child who had to take care of everyone from staff whose names no one knew to seniors and juniors.”

Lee Sung Min praised, “At first, I had preconceptions because of his appearance. But it was the complete opposite. Even when we went to a restaurant, he didn’t cover his face or go to a corner seat. It was amazing to see that. Isn’t he a ‘world star’?”

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Meanwhile, set in Busan in 1992, the movie “The Devil’s Deal”, which will be released on March 1st, revolves around Hae Woong (Cho Jin Woong), a candidate for the National Assembly, Sun Tae (Lee Sung Min), a hidden powerhouse in politics, and Pil Do (Kim Mu Yeol), a gangster who fight fiercely to overturn the game by holding secret documents that will shake the Republic of Korea.

Source: Nate

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