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“Reborn Rich” actor Kim Nam Hee surprised “My Little Old Boy” cast by revealing a fact, “Song Joong Ki? He’s older than me”

Kim Nam Hee appeared on “My Little Old Boy” and mentioned Song Joong Ki.

Actor Kim Nam Hee showed up on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” broadcast on February 26th as a guest, and greeted the viewers with the fake smile that has become a trademark of his character – eldest grandchild Jin Seong Joon in the drama “Reborn Rich”. 

Kim Namhee

When asked about the actor that made him laugh the most during the shooting of “Reborn Rich”, Kim Nam Hee smiled and said, “Actor Lee Sung Min, who played Chairman Jin Yang Chul, is actually not a funny person. His jokes weren’t that funny but we kept laughing because he’s a senior”.

Regarding his experience of working with Song Joong Ki, who played Jin Do Joon, Kim Nam Hee surprised everyone when he said, “Joong Ki hyung. He’s older than me”. In fact, Song Joong Ki is one year older than Kim Nam Hee.

Kim Namhee

He continued, “He actually looks too young. I thought we were the same age, but it turned out that he’s older. I’m 38 years old”. Hearing this, the cast of “My Little Old Boy” comforted Kim Nam Hee, saying “Kim Nam Hee is not old. It is because Song Joong Ki looks too young.”

Meanwhile, SBS’s program “My Little Old Boy” is a program in which celebrities’ mothers become narrators to observe their children’s daily life moments recorded through a device called ‘mom’s diary’. It airs every Sunday at 9:05 p.m.

Source: Nate

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