Most remarkable moments from aespa’s first-ever concert

aespa has successfully wrapped up the first concert of their career.

aespa is one of the most popular 4th gen groups. After more than 2 years of debut, aespa officially held the first concert in Korea. Multiple outstanding moments during the show have attracted much attention.

aespa concert

On February 25, aespa’s concert SYNK: HYPER LINE took place at Jamsil Indoor Stadium. In the opening, Winter took the spotlight by playing the electric guitar, stirring up the atmosphere with her cool aura. 

winter aespa concert
Winter took the spotlight by playing an electric guitar 

aespa also performed unreleased songs. Each member prepared their own solo stages, making the atmosphere more exciting. Karina also participated in writing lyrics for her solo song.

aespa concert
aespa performed brand new songs that have not been officially out yet
karina aespa concert
aespa’s leader participated in writing lyrics for his solo song
ningning aespa concert
Main vocal NingNing impressed with both good singing and dancing skills

As the youngest artist in the company, at the first concert, aespa received much support from SM seniors. Two members of Red Velvet, Irene and Yeri, were present at the stadium to cheer their juniors on. Yunho (TVXQ) was also seen on the guest seats.

irene yeri aespa concert
yunho aespa concert

In addition to their music, aespa’s stage outfits also attract attention from fans. Among them, the opening outfits for the song “Girls” are said to have been custom-made by the brand Denicheur.

The four girls also favor dress designs that are currently hot trends. Although the outfits may be intricate and colorful, they still help the members accentuate their slender figures.

aespa concert

On the other hand, for their solo stages, the members enthusiastically promote youthful and dynamic designs from popular brands such as Chanel and Celine. This helps the members move easily and perform smooth dance moves.

aespa concert outfit
Winter wore a short skirt paired with a white button-up shirt and a Chanel crop top. 
aespa concert outfit
Karina’s schoolgirl-inspired outfit. 
aespa concert outfit
Giselle’s outfits are not too expensive. 

In their first concert, aespa members gave their all on stage. Fans hope that SM will take better care of the four girls so they can continue to grow and develop.

Source: yan. 

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