Rosé’s famous puppy received luxury gifts on Chuseok day

Hank, Rosé’s puppy, must have received a lot of love.

On the 8th, Rosé revealed the gift Hank received through the dog’s Instagram account story.

In the published photo, a mint-colored box is placed next to Rosé’s dog, Hank. In the following video, Hank was wearing a mint collar and waving her tail as if in a good mood. In the photos and videos, the BLACKPINK member tagged the Instagram account of Tiffany & Co. along with the phrase “Thank you.”

Rosé’s dog, Hank, is an abandoned dog. In a past broadcast, Rosé shared her relationship with Hank, saying, “These days, there are a lot of abandoned dogs.”

Meanwhile, Rosé is working as a global ambassador for Tiffany & Co.

Source: nate

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